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We might not be millionaires, but my little family is rich in so many other ways.

We have our own home (which is looking a teensy bit sad at the moment, as we’re about to undergo a big renovation later this summer), and we’ve been lucky enough to go on some amazing family holidays over the past couple of years (read about our trip to BALI, and the VILLA where we stayed).

But, material things aside, we have an abundance of the things that really matter: OH and I have two kind, funny, adventurous girls who are literally my favourite people on the planet. We all genuinely adore each other’s company (not always guaranteed with families), and – to us – the simple things in life far outweigh the extravagant.

Give us a barbecue in the back garden over a fancy meal any day, or a DVD and a bowl of popcorn rather than a posh film premiere. It’s important to me that the girls always appreciate the little things in life, and also that they understand the importance of giving back, both to people who are less fortunate and also to our community.

Both girls attend a lovely village school; we had sat patiently on the waiting list with both of them, so were thrilled when they were both eventually allocated places (another thing we’re very grateful for).

Attending a small school means you’re more involved with all the community events, which I think is fantastic too – the girls often come home taking about fundraising they’re doing for local children and charities. I love that there’s such a strong focus on altruism, and looking out for one another – something that I think can get a little bit lost with larger schools.

Last year the entire village green was used to run a giant fundraising picnic for a little girl with cerebral palsy, and the entire community turned out to eat and drink, listen to live music, get face painted (see above!) and catch up with friends. It was such a brilliant atmosphere and the girls were thrilled when I told them the money raised was going towards specialist treatment for the little girl.

The girls know that I give to four different charities every month, and I was really proud when Big Sis announced she was running in a Cancer Research fundraising race at school, and both girls insisted on donating two weeks of pocket money to the cause. ‘Because some people aren’t as lucky as us,’ Lil Sis announced, ‘and it’s important to help them.’

This year Wall’s Pastry has launched its inaugural HELPING HAND competition. The company is scouring the nation for people, clubs or projects that provide an invaluable contribution to their local community, but need a little boost so they can keep making a difference.

Perhaps it’s a village hall in need of a new kitchen, or kids’ playground that could do with a facelift, or a youth group that desperately needs new changing rooms – if you know of a worthy community project, nominate them now and they could win a £5000 ‘Helping Hand’ makeover, carried out by the Wall’s team of handypeople.

These grassroots projects really do form the heart of our local communities, so show your support by NOMINATING now. Good luck to all the nominated projects! 

collectivedge walls community spirit



  1. Ah this is awesome, I think it’s important to learn to give back to communities, it’s that spirit we need. Shouldn’t only be in times of need, going to check this out x

  2. I love this! It’s so very important to me to teach my kids about community, kindness and giving back!

  3. I absolutely adore this post, I completely agree that it’s so important to give back, no matter how rich or poor you are! There’s always a way! xx

  4. This is such an important lesson and a great one to learn early on.

  5. What a lovely idea. It’s great when companies help support others that give back. We are always fundraising for something at my children’s school.

  6. Aww this is lovely. It’s nice that your children are interested in helping with charities. And they both donated 2 weeks pocket money which is awesome!
    Jenni recently posted…Liebster Award – Nannyjenni Has Been Nominated!My Profile

  7. You are absolutely right in teaching your children the importance of giving back. We used to donate food to the elderly during harvest. I want to teach Mia these values as she grows older x
    Kirsty recently posted…Picnic Perfect Summer Day*My Profile

  8. I think it’s super important to teach kids this message. It will always work in their favour! x

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