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Father's Day uncommon goods wine pack

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OH has been working super-long hours lately, so this year we want to do something EXTRA special for Daddy for Father’s Day.

We don’t really see him during the week, so – as cheesy as it sounds – it’s completely true that the best present we can get him is time together as a family. You might remember that last year the girls made him a hand-painted plant plot, and a hand-drawn card each, which he absolutely loved.

You just can’t beat unique gifts made from the heart… but that’s not say he wouldn’t appreciate a thoughtfully selected present or two!

I first heard of UNCOMMON GOODS a couple of years ago, and fell in love with both their range and their ethos: the company was set up in 1999 as an antidote to the generic chain stores that were popping up everywhere. Their aim was to showcase artisans and their unique handcrafted gifts.

They have a genuine passion for fair trade and social responsibility, and include only environmentally friendly products. They even give customers the option to make a charitable donation at check out.

So you’re supporting artists and helping others while shopping for thoughtful and original gifts. What’s not to love? 

Father's Day Uncommon Goods wine preserver

OH loves a good bottle of red wine on the weekends, so straight away I was eyeing up this WINE PRESERVER BOTTLE. What to do with that last little bit of wine has always been an issue in our house – it seems almost criminal to tip it out, but by the time the weekend rolls back around red wine has usually oxygenated, and all the complex flavour notes have flattened.

This would be perfect, as it allows just the right amount of oxygen to be absorbed by the wine, keeping the flavour full and fresh.

How brilliant is the WINE TOTE, £82.86, plus delivery (image top of post)? This clever insulated back pack carries two wine bottles, a wine knife, cork, two stemless plastic wine glasses and a folding acacia wood cheese board/table. Genius. 

Father's Day Uncommon Goods ipad and cutting board

Just to prove we don’t just sit around drinking wine *winks* this walnut cutting board teams old school with new technology, with a tablet holder built into its design. OH’s culinary specialty is rib-eye steak, and I can just picture him trying out new seasoning combinations on this beauty.

At £102.87, plus delivery, it’s not cheap, but if you look after it and treat it with mineral oil, this will last you a lifetime.

Father's Day Uncommon Goods

We’ve been feeling the traditional family games vibe recently (check out our Monopoly capers, here) so I loved this idea- this PERSONALISED STARS FOUR-ACROSS game, £61.72, is like a luxury Connect-4 game. Made from birch wood, this is something that could be passed down over generations to come.

What do you have planned for Father’s Day?



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