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There are so many great things about getting older – financial stability, greater confidence, a kick-ass group of carefully curated ride-or-die friends. But there are definitely some downsides too: creaky knees, increased life insurance premiums and getting a shock every time I look in the mirror.

Not because I look older – I’ve actually genuinely love laughter lines and seeing my face mature – but because the years have an unfortunate way of also making me look constantly tired. Add to that, I have chronic RBF (resting bitch face) and a tendency to scowl when I’m concentrating.

All of which means I’ve always got my eye out for new beauty and non-surgical treatments that can – shall we say – soften the edges of my 44-years. I’m not interested in looking younger – it’s taken me nearly four-and-a-half decades to each this ripe old age – I just want to look rested, and not like I’ve just stumbled in from an all-nighter (unless I have just stumbled in from an all-nighter – in which case it would be well-earned, and I’d wear those eye bags like a badge of honour).

I’ve blogged before about TRANSFORM and some of the great non-surgical treatments they offer (read more about them, here), and was really impressed by all the techniques used now to slow those hands of time. I was thrilled to be invited to the opening of their brand-new Cornhill Clinic, in Bank, central London.

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Situated in the lower-ground level of a gorgeous historic building on Cornhill (I got chatting to the security guard, and apparently it’s one of the oldest areas of London, and loads of period dramas are filmed in the winding alleys that surround it), the new clinic is bright and stylish, with a professional and relaxing feel.

Transform non-surgical treatments interior couch

Transform non-surgical treatments interior shelves

Transform non-surgical treatments reception

Armed with a glass of bubbly I was shown around the consultation and treatment rooms, and got to see a live demonstration of COOLSCULPTING. During the one-hour treatment, fat cells are intensely cooled to kill them, and over the next few months they’re expelled via the body’s lymphatic system.

Not only can you target those stubborn pockets of fat the gym just won’t shift, but those fat cells are gone forever.

I even had the chance for a quick EPIONCE facial peel. Contrary to what I had always believed, modern peels don’t leave you looking like Samantha from Sex & The City (if you were born after 1995, Google it!). In fact, these days they’re much more gentle, simply buffing away the dull outer layers to reveal the newer, more radiant skin cells underneath.

(I’ll let you into a secret: I was dubious too, but this is how I looked immediately afterwards – like I’d just come from a gym workout, rather than a peel.) 

Transform non-surgical treatments peel

I was also given an consultation, where I grabbed the opportunity to speak to a professional about what I could do to freshen up my look for summer.

I was expecting to get a grocery list of treatments, but in fact the only suggestion was a small amount of filler to plump up the nasal-labial fold – the lines between my nose and mouth, as time deepens these lines and can add years to your face.

The trick, my aesthetician reveals, is to soften the ageing process, rather than try to halt it all together (which can look artificial, and – ironically – end up being more ageing).

The focus on non-surgical treatments has shifted a lot in recent years, and the main aim now is to achieve a fresh, natural result. I left feeling like the team were genuinely interested in helping me achieve the best look for my age, face shape, and skin tone – rather than trying to sell as much as possible.

I’d definitely feel confident returning to Transform to help keep those years at bay.

For more information about Transform and their full list of treatments and prices, visit the website: www.transforminglives.co.uk

• I visited the Cornhill Clinic as a guest of Transform, and my treatments were provided for the purpose of review


  1. Coolsculpting I’ve been interested in for a minute. Alot of peels now especially ones like that just leave a flushed look. Haha the Samantha SATC ones I’ve seen some people get but those are some hard-core treatments. You got a “I just jogged” flush lol x

  2. Cassandra Mayers - June 20, 2017 reply

    I Love the idea of natural ways to help beauty. Some of the non natural ways can really leave people looking worse. Great that the place wants to do what is best for you.

  3. CoolSculpting sounds really interesting! I’ve always been a bit scared of peels as i thought it’d be painful or sore! But it sounds really good actually!

  4. This is great! The venue looks really good, and the information really helpful! I’ve heard before about this Coolsculpting and I’m really curious about it!

  5. Coolsculpting sounds really interesting. I’m glad peels have moved on from the SATC (that’s the main reason I’ve never even looked at them haha!). I love that Transform don’t try to oversell things or push you in to things you just don’t need.

  6. There’s so many different treatments at the moment, coolsculpting sounds really interesting xo

  7. Oooh it sounds like you had a good experience with them! I’m not sure if I could still go through with something like the nasial-labial fold you mentioned though as that still sounds far too terrifying to me, haha!

  8. What a stunning place! I have never heard of this treatment, it sounds interesting. Kaz

  9. Oh wow I love the sound of these treatments and they are definitely something I would look into! Thanks for sharing your experience. xx

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