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Cherie Hodge is a super-glamorous mum-of-one, and the founder of luxury activewear label, CHERIE BUMBLE. While pregnant with her son she longed for comfy, fashionable gym wear that still made her feel confident and stylish. When she couldn’t find a range that met all her needs, she created one of her own.

How old is your son now? 

My son is called Jesse-Oliver Bennett and he is now 21 months.

What first gave you the idea to design your own range of fitness clothing, and how did this progress to become Cherie Bumble? 

Designing my own range of clothes has always been a life long dream of mine. Furthermore, being active, going to the gym and staying healthy is something I have also been very passionate about since when I left university in my early 20’s (I am now 27). Therefore joining the two together and creating a fitness range couldn’t have been more perfect for my lifestyle.

What was your goal? 

My main goal was, and is, to motivate women and make them feel confident and fabulous, whilst feeling comfortable.

What was your biggest challenge setting up Cherie Bumble? 

I’d probably have to say my biggest challenge whilst setting up Cherie Bumble was knowing I was about to become a mother myself around the same stage as the brand was going to launch; the thought of becoming a mother and a businesswomen all at the same time was very scary and overwhelming.

How did you overcome this? 

I couldn’t have done this without the support and motivation from my partner who has always believed in me and gave me the confidence to keep going. I also believe that sticking to my goals, staying true to myself and being realistic helped me overcome this.


What time does a typical day begin? 

For me my days never begin or end; I’m constantly working round the clock. If something needs to happen or an email needs to be sent, whether it’s one in the afternoon or one in the morning, I’ll make sure it’s dealt with. Work for me also consists of being a mother, so from the minute I wake up at 7am – it’s game on. I often find myself sending emails at 8am whilst making my baby boy his breakfast. Nevertheless, family time is also important to me and I would never let my work consume me where I’m not giving my full attention to my son and partner. I do take time out to have these precious moments.

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Do you have a favourite piece in your range? 

I’m in love with my new Luxe Marble collection at the moment. It’s just so pure and chic. Great for these lighter mornings/evening where I try to stop myself from wearing black all the time.

Lack of time is an issue most mums battle with – how do you maximise your efficiency and/or make the very most of your time? 

I have always had a slight form of OCD. I have to have everything written down so I can tick off along the way. I always have to make plans and set myself goals. This keeps my mind organised so it’s easier to get things done efficiently without leaving things out.

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What sacrifices have you had to make? 

My biggest sacrifice is probably my social life. I’ve become way more focused and extremely busy since becoming a mother and building a business that nowadays time is so precious for me, I want to spend it wisely. I don’t mind this as I enjoy what I do.

Is there a working mother that you particularly admire? If yes, why? 

Yes, I completely admire Victoria Beckham and what she has achieved whilst bringing up a large family. She gets a lot of stick from time to time in the media but she’s proved a lot of people wrong along the way. She’s a great role model.

What kind of example are you hoping to be for your son? 

I hope to teach my son the value of life and things. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Go out there and make your mark on life and you’ll feel great satisfaction doing so. You can create any lifestyle you want if you are really passionate about it.

Every mum can relate to feeling totally in control on some days, and completely out of control on others – how do you cope with those bad days, when everything seems so overwhelming? 

I guess it’s about having a balance. Keeping fit and going to the gym is like my therapy and more so on those tough and overwhelming days.

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Describe your perfect day out of work:

Just being with my son and partner.

What are your future goals for life and business? 

I really hope to grow Cherie Bumble and eventually open up a store in London, and then in Miami. I also have ideas to launch a children’s line off the side of Cherie Bumble.

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  1. Congratulations Cherie. We are so proud of what you have achieved so far. Keep up the good work and you will eventually fulfill your dream
    Mummy and Daddy

    • Ah, that’s made me smile – what a lovely comment! I can see why you’re so proud of Cherie; she’s done such an amazing job setting up a new business at the same time as becoming a mum. 🙂

  2. Sometimes we really need a little need to have our own confidence in achieving what we want to be. Your post inspires me. Congrats Cherie!

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