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Jane Koenig personalised jewellery

‘It is always better to be underdressed.’ – Coco Chanel

When it comes to jewellery, I prefer simplicity.

I love seeing different styles on other people, but I’m just not one of those people that can carry off extravagant designs. Usually I wear my ring, and that’s it – I don’t even wear earrings anymore (after 25 years I looked in the mirror one day, decided I hated the way they looked, and took them out).

It’s rare that I find personalised jewellery I absolutely love, but I totally fell for this Jane Koenig gold-plated THREE-TAG BRACELET.

This delicate chain bracelet is actually made from silver and coated in warm, brushed gold. It fits snugly around the wrist (which I love, as jangly bracelets drive me insane), and its flat design means it’s elegant and unobtrusive.

What I loved the most was that you can personalise your jewellery; I had mine stamped with ‘J’ in the middle, and the girls’ initials on either side.

The Love Tag bracelets are custom made in Copenhagen, so it took about a couple of days for their goldsmiths to craft my unique piece, then a week for it to make it’s way over from Denmark, arriving just in time Mother’s Day. It was wrapped in a monogrammed pouch, and nestled inside a gorgeous gift box, which just makes the whole gift experience that much more special, don’t you think?

The bracelets are just one of the products in the stylish Jane Koenig range, which also includes pendants, earrings, rings and a selection of high-end 18-carat gold jewellery – perfect for that extra-special gift, or a personalised birth present.

• my three-tag bracelet was provided for review






  1. Its really beautiful, like you I enjoy simple jewellery too and it just has to feel right on your wrist. Mich x

  2. What a delicate beautiful bracelet. I love it.

  3. Oh this is so pretty. I also don’t wear much jewellery but I would make an exception for this.

  4. I love simple jewellery as well. Especially when it is personalized and minimalist. This is a lovely example x

  5. This is so pretty – I prefer simple jewellery too. Kaz x

  6. The wife likes her jewellery to be minimalist, I am of course pleased to say and this looks really pretty!

  7. What a gorgeous bracelet, I love that it can be personalised too. As I get older I find I lean towards much simpler jewellery now too.

  8. This is such a beautiful bracelet. I’d love to have something like this in my collection <3

    Louise x

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