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It’s no secret that the best foods are those made from scratch. Unfortunately, I’m not a natural cook – I have neither the skills, nor the inclination to whip up healthy culinary delights. Not ones that are edible, anyway. 

One of the challenges of doing the weekly shop is finding budget friendly meals, and finding that perfect balance between cost and nutrition.

Which is why, when it comes to the girls’ meals, I like to keep it simple – rice or cous cous, fresh tomato and cucumber salad, and baked potatoes. For the main protein I always keep an eye out for special deals – I prefer to get organic chicken if there’s a good promotion running, otherwise I look for the best price on free range chicken breasts (if it’s a really good deal I always get an extra pack to freeze).

It’s five minutes to cover them with an egg and bread crumb mix and another 20-30 minutes to bake them up (cut into goujons for the girls, drizzled with homemade garlic butter for me and OH).

Big Sis has recently discovered a love for white fish, so I also look out for fresh fillets on promotion – two-for-one deals save you loads, and you can freeze what you don’t use straight away.

Lil Sis can literally eat her own body weight in snacks – if I didn’t shop carefully I’d blow most of the budget on nibbles, and have none left over for actual food. We’ve been on our #NOJUNKJOURNEY for a couple of years now. Because of the high salt and fat content, we keep crisps for very occasional treats, and I’m lucky that the girls still love Organix corn snacks.

They’re reasonable priced anyway – just £2 for a four pack from Ocado – and there’s often a great deal on too. I’ll always take a few packets on long car journeys, and they’re the first thing Lil Sis asks for when she get in the door from school (her favourite flavour is tomato, cheese and herbs). Even OH has been known to enjoy a packet or two when he wants some guilt-free late-night nibbles.

They’re the perfect healthy, affordable treat.

For more great tips for budget friendly meals, check out these handy hints, from ORGANIX

Organix eating on a budget infographic

Organix eating on a budget

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