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It was with a big dollop of irony that my insomnia decided to rear its head during National Bed Month. I mean, seriously? 

I have the most comfy bed (thanks to my miraculous DORMEO mattress) but sometimes – despite the best snoozing conditions – the insidious conditions sneaks its way in regardless.

The middle of the night can be incredibly lonely when you feel like you’re the only person on the planet who’s still awake. Sometimes the trick is simply to distract my brain so the natural tiredness can take over, so I’ll watch something on the iPad.

Which is when I thank goodness I have Netflix. 

There’s so much choice that I can always find something that piques my interest. Over Christmas it was The OA: this series seemed to be Netflix’s Marmite, but I absolutely LOVED it. I found it surprising, and confronting, and confusing, and the final scene was literally one of the most emotional things I’ve seen in my life.

I went through a bit of a documentary binge: HOLY HELL is a fascinating glimpse inside the rise and fall of a cult and its charismatic-turned-crazy leader. I started to watch THE RETURNED, but if I’m honest I preferred the original French version (the Europeans just do creepy so well!).

On my ‘must-watch’ list is series two and three of ONCE UPON A TIME; I adored the first series, but for some reason I never quite got around the watching the follow ups. Ditto BATES MOTEL, which fell off my radar, and now I have two whole series to catch up on. *excited squeal*

I still have to watch THE CROWN, and definitely want to watch CINDERELLA again with the girls (who are currently obsessed with VICTORIOUS).

Forget the insomnia – with all these goodies to catch up on I’m not sure if I’ll have any time for sleep anyway… 

What have you been watching on Netflix? Let me know your recommendations!

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  1. Been watching so many things on Netflix lately, and they’ve been great. Am loving Designated Survivor (but then I was a big fan of 24 and there’s a lot of crossover). Started watching Frankie & Grace last night, that was really good. And as a family we love all the vintage comedy on there, so much to choose from.
    Joanne Mallon recently posted…Emma Watson’s favourite mascara – Double Protection by DHCMy Profile

  2. My 10 month old is still nursing 1 or 2 times overnight so I know what you mean when you say you feel like you’re the only one awake! The Crown was fantastic. Enjoy!

  3. I loved The OA but I haven’t heard of any of those other shows. I’m really looking forward to the next season of House of Cards.
    Jenny recently posted…Playmobil History Roman Warriors’ Ship reviewMy Profile

  4. Did not know there was a national bed month! Sounds like you have lots to watch though 🙂 x

  5. I just love Netflix! I have watched House of Cards up to date, which was awesome, and I am ploughing through Homeland which is fantastic. My son has me hooked on Prison Break too – I am only on season 1 so have a lot to catch up on! Kaz
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…Cuddledry Bunny TowelMy Profile

  6. Love Netflix! Once Upon A Time & Bates Motel are amazing! I recently watch Santa Clarita Diet, which I loved! I need to start watching Orange Is The New Black next!
    Sarah recently posted…Capturing Moments #23My Profile

  7. I wish I had the time to watch those! They look interesting xx

  8. I don’t have Netflix but we love watching American tv series and with my Sky subscription up soon I may look into this
    Lisa Lambert (mumdadplus4) recently posted…MINI ME – Do your children pretend to be you by dressing up?My Profile

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