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Big Sis has inherited many things from her paternal side of the family – her gorgeous brown eyes, a love for running everywhere, and olive skin that turns a gorgeous shade of mahogany at the slightest sign of sun.

Unfortunately, she’s also ended up with their infamous delicate tummy, which means we have to be a little bit wary of what she eats. No one in the family had ever been officially diagnosed with anything, so we’re kind of feeling our way along as we go, but we suspect there might be familial trait towards irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

We’re trying to pin it down, but there seem to be some foods that occasionally give her grief – potatoes (which we identified as a trigger for OH) can cause stomach ache, as do large amounts of stone fruit or bananas. She also suffered badly from eczema as a baby, which some researchers believe is linked to imbalances in the microflora (a lack of the good bacteria) in the intestinal tract.

All of which meant I was really interested in finding out more about BIO-KULT INFANTIS,

The original Bio-Kult formual is a probiotic supplement – if you’re not sure what that means, basically it’s a capsule containing a selection of live bacteria. Which sounds a bit weird, as we often associate bacteria with illness or uncleanliness, but these are the good bacterium – the ones we actually want to be thriving in our bodies, as they improve and protect the health of our gut.

By taking the supplement daily, you’re ensuring the trillions of microflora in your gastrointestinal tract are correctly balanced, and that the good bacterium are cancelling out the negative health effects of the nastier ones.

The full benefits are still being discovered and researched, but some of the conditions thought to be improved include atopic dermatitis (including eczema), a weak immune system, diarrhoea, Candida (yeast overgrowth), IBS and IBD. These are ailments you can have a genetic predisposition for, or are brought on by lifestyle – infection, stress, bad nutrition, or even taking antibiotics – and can be triggered, or worsened, by bad gut health.

Which is why it’s important for children to start life with a balanced gut flora. Babies begin with a sterile intestinal tract, but bacteria begins to colonise, via their mother, even as they’re making their way down the birth canal (in fact, it’s thought that children born by caesarean section take longer to propagate the bacteria they need, as they’re not exposed to this process).

The newest Bio-Kult Infantis formulation comes in a handy sachet, and is specially designed for babies and young children. It contains no added sugar, or artificial colours and flavours; what it does include is at least one billion microorganisms – including seven different strains of live ‘good’ bacteria – as well as Omega 3 and Vitamin D3

Young babies start with 1/4 of a sachet, which can be mixed into a bottle or breast milk, or even sprinkled directly into the infant’s mouth. As your child grows the dose can be upped to half, then a whole sachet, which can be added to milk, water or food.

Your gut is a vital part of your immune system, so the sooner that is strong and healthy the better your child’s defences will be against illness. It could also help them avoid conditions such as colic and diarrhoea, and allergic reactions, like eczema, hay fever and food intolerances.

If you’d like to find out more about how Bio-Kult Infantis could benefit your child’s health, have a chat with your doctor or pharmacist, and visit the Bio-Kult website:


  1. Getting a healthy gut is so vital to overall health, going to check these out, thanks Jacqui x
    Honestmum recently posted…Drinking More Water With RobinsonsMy Profile

  2. I definitely need to look into these for my boys

  3. Sounds like a really useful product, hopefully it will help 🙂 x

  4. This sounds really interesting, Pickle had an extremely sensitive tummy as a baby. He seems to have grown out of it thank goodness. Kaz 🙂
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…World Book Day with Star WarsMy Profile

  5. This supplement sounds fantastic. It must be hard when they have such sensitive little tummies!
    Sarah recently posted…I’m BrokenMy Profile

  6. Love the sound of these sachets! Agree that having a healthy gut from a very early age is so important x

  7. I haven’t heard of these, but one to be aware of I think. Thank you for sharing x

  8. i have heard such great things about probiotics but haven’t really got to trying them, i totally should because having a healthy gut is really the secret to good health!

  9. To me it sounds like she does have IBS, especially as I have similar symptoms and have IBS. For me its foods that have spice, gluten, dairy, oil, fat, acid that causes me pain, even though I love them,. This live bacterium sounds fantastic!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why Personalized Gifts From Mr Nutcase Are The BestMy Profile

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