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To survive the horrendously long flight we took to New Zealand this Christmas, I came up with a brilliant idea.

Rather than having the girls continually fighting over the Amazon Fire Kids’ tablet they shared, I’d give Big Sis the ‘grown-up’ one I didn’t use anymore, so they had one each.

Problem solved, right? Not quite.

A week or so into our trip Big Sis came to me with an awkward look on her face. ‘Mummy,’ she started. ‘Something weird is happening when I try to watch Sam & Cat on YouTube.’

I took the tablet out of her hands… to see an adult channel pop-up box filling the screen. When I closed it, another popped up; when I closed that, another one appeared. ‘We just keep seeing boobies,’ Lil Sis stated bluntly. 


I finally got rid of them all, and deleted all the dodgy sites from the history so they couldn’t inadvertently click on them again. I breathed a sigh of relief, then got really annoyed with myself. I pretty much spend my entire life online and know all about the risks. And yet I’d failed to install any parental controls before leaving my girls to surf the entire world wide web without any supervision.

Bad Mummy moment. 

It’s exactly this situation that Kaspersky hopes to eliminate with their SAFE KIDS app. Although our children are growing up in a tech-savvy world, they’re not mature enough to understand that some sites and pop-ups are most definitely NOT kid friendly.

Shockingly, in a European study of more than 5000 children, aged 10-15, Kaspersky uncovered some pretty scary statistics about what children are being exposed to on the internet. Over two-thirds of the children said they’d heard bad language on the internet, while a third said they had witnessed violence. More frighteningly, a quarter said they’d seem pornography online.

One-in-five children admitted their parents didn’t lay down any rules about how they used the internet at home, and two-thirds said they would knew how to hide their browsing from their parents.

By downloading Kaspersky Safe Kids on to your child’s phone, tablet or computer you can block sites and filter their web searches, removing the danger of them innocently clicking on adult or paid content.

All of these functions and features come FREE when you download the app, but you if you want to beef up the protection you can upgrade to the premium version, via in-app purchase.

From as little as £10.99 per year – less than one pound a month – you can install Safe Kids on an unlimited number of devices. You can also add it to your own phone too, and receive real-time alerts if your child attempts to access a restricted site. If you want to talk it over with your child, you’ll even have access to psychologist’s recommendations on how to best to broach the subject.

The app will monitor public posts and keep a log of the sites your child has accessed, so you can see at a glance how and where they are spending their time. It will let you know if the number of friends on your child’s account increases and will even show you your child’s location (by tracking the device) on a map.

Although it’s not a substitute for diligence and adult supervision, the Kaspersky Safe Kids app is an effective way to protect your children when you’re not able to watch over their shoulder, and also to guide them to make the right choices on their own.


  1. It is always a worry, when we give our kids a tablet to go on, these apps are great for making sure they are safe. My husband always sets up the tablets, phones etc before they got hold of them, and put every parental control on to safeguard these things happening. Touch wood we have been ok x

    • The great thing about Safe Kids is that both parents are able to monitor the tablets using my.kaspersky.com – from here, the parents can set rules / restrictions and monitor what they wish. x

  2. What a great app, it’s so scary to think of what a child could access on the web x

  3. My mom would have loved an app like this for my siblings and I when we were growing up!

    • It’s great to see the industry keeping up with the safety side of things as technology advances, isn’t it Danasia? x

  4. In today’s world, it is very important to keep kids of all ages safe while on the internet. We need to keep them from seeing content that is not appropriate for them but also to keep them safe from those who would prey on their vulnerability. Apps like Safe Kids are vital for this purpose.

    • Absolutley, Sarah! Having not grown up in a digital world us ‘oldies’ are having to learn as we go along, and quickly enough to protect our tech-savvy kids. x

  5. Apps like this are so important so kiddies don’t keep seeing lots of boobies pop up on their screen 🙂 Jo x

  6. It’s all about having pop-up blockers. I’ve never even had issues let alone giving to someone else! x

  7. I guess this is something I’m going to have to consider soon! My son is 15 months old… when did you start using parental controls?

  8. This sounds like a good app. Is the content it blocks consistent. What i mean by that is, does it end up blocking stupid things. I will give you an example. My phone network put this stupid parental control block on the 3g. The problem with it was it was put on every single user, even if there wasn’t kids using it. These sort of things should be opt in, not just imposed on you. It got to the point where it was blocking things that weren’t necessarily adult, such as drug awareness. I can understand it blocking porn but some of the things it was doing was ridiculous. Drug awareness is one thing kids should be reading about. So my question is, is the Kaspesky app consistent in what it blocks? x

    • Hi Hannah, I went back to Kaspersky to get a full answer for you:

      ‘This one is a little more tricky: we do monitor for drugs / adult content (as all parental tools do), however this list is managed mainly by automation and the Kaspersky lab team (i.e – if there’s reference to drugs / sex, it should be blocked.) The difference with Kaspersky is that you can add or remove sites / references using the my.kaspersky.com site. From here you can decide what you deem acceptable and can add or remove sites across devices. There’s no need to manually updated each device as it’s all done remotely.’

      Hope this helps answer your queries. x

  9. Gosh, i bet you’re heart was in your mouth while you tried to sort it out. It just shows how important those controls are and glad you got it sorted x

    • Hi Stephanie, yes it was a bit of a panic trying to block all the pop-ups – they were sprouting up like mushrooms! 😉 x

  10. This is so true. Parenting control is really important.
    I almost started working on a project with Kaspersky in London a few years ago. Fun memories 🙂

  11. That must have been such an awkward moment! Definitely something to laugh about in the future I’m sure! This app sounds like something every parent definitely needs!

  12. Parental controls are so very important for kids. We have them on all of our devices that our kids use.

  13. This is a great app and it will give many parents peace of mind, whilst their kids surf the net.

  14. It is so hard to keep an eye on the kids all the time, so apps like this are essential.

  15. Apps like this are very important and for the price its essential thats affordable

    • That’s what’s so great about Safe Kids – it’s so affordable, less than £1 a month for the entry-level premium version. x

  16. What a fantastic post, and a fantastic service! Luckily my children are grown now and I am so pleased! You have to have eyes in the back of your head to cover everything nowadays, so this is a great product to let everyone know about

    • There’s so much for today’s parents to have to consider, isn’t there? *starts sweating* 😉 x

  17. I love the sound of this Safe kids app. Need to try it.

    • It’s great anytime young kids have access to the internet, whether that’s kids, friends, neighbours, relatives etc. x

  18. This is so important! I know lots of people are not aware of how to keep their kids safe online. Definitely a worthwhile app x

  19. Great post, I’ve got to say I’ve given my younger cousins my phone and tablet to play on and never thought about parental controls, thanks for making me think next time

  20. Oh definitely! There is so much out there that is unsuitable for kids.

  21. This too sounds great, it’s just so important to keep them safe online!

  22. This app sounds great, I bet it gives parents so much peace of mind

  23. Kristina Maggiora - February 8, 2017 reply

    This is so important, if and when I have kids I would definitely make sure they view appropriate and safe content x

  24. This is a great post! My daughter constantly uses the internet and I am always very cautious as to what she’s going on and check her phone daily. I might just have to download this.

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