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The female population of the world falls into two distinct camps: those who have small, dainty handbags and those who have huge totes filled with everything but the kitchen sink. I’m the latter. 

So when LOVE THE SALES invited me to do a bit of shopping on their website, I knew exactly where I was heading first: the handbag section.

If you don’t already know, Love the Sales searches for the best deals and discounts from all over the web, and curates them all on one fabulous website. Click the product you’re interested in and it takes you straight to buy from the original website, so you’re not fluffing about with a confusing trail of tabs and pages.

I mostly use it for clothes, shoes and – surprise, surprise – handbags, and the savings are crazy amazing. Since discovering the site late last year, it’s become my first port of call when I need anything new. I simply type in what I’m looking for (the other day it was size 10 gym leggings) and it pulls up discounted suggestions from all corners of the web – everywhere from other online portals like Zalando, to well-known retailers such as John Lewis.

You can also search for beauty products, homewares, jewellery and outdoors equipment – pretty much anything and everything you could possible need – but at at great discounted price.

So, back to bags… I was invited to trial the website by selecting a gifted item from their huge range and went straight to all the fabulous handbags on sale. I filtered the prices so they were all in my price range, then started browsing the hundreds of styles that Love the Sales had collated. I could have literally spent all day on there – heaven! 

I rarely go anywhere without phone, tablet, sunnies, wallet and camera, so knew I needed something big enough to easily carry it all, plus all those assorted bits you need when the kids are with you – wet wipes, snacks, a magazine to keep them busy, etc.

Unfortunately – great discounts or not – the designer handbags were out of my reach *sad face*, BUT I found this gorgeous Carvela mock-crock tote bag; perfect for holding all my essentials while still looking stylish *happy face*. Best part? It was hugely discounted – from £69, down to £39 – so comfortably in my budget.

It was such a great deal that I may have* ventured back online (*definitely did), and bought myself another bag via Love the Sales. Because, why wouldn’t you?

• Love the Sales: thank you so much for my gorgeous tote bag 


  1. What a great buy – I bought the same bag in the sales and echo everything you’ve said. Mine’s burgundy – although Little Miss says it’s my beetroot bag!

  2. Love it! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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