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Sweet Reason Co Brownie giveaway

In about 10 seconds I’m going to be your favourite person on this planet.

Why? Because I’m giving away this bespoke brownie gift box, worth £26.50, from THE SWEET REASON COMPANY – and just in time for Valentine’s Day too. *stands back and waits for applause*

Now, I’ve sampled these chocolatey delights and I can tell you: These. Are. Amazing. 

Not only does this gift box include four sweet treats of your choice (selected from eight incredible flavours – including Baileys, honeycomb and millionaires shortcake), but you also receive four complementary Teapigs tea temples (everything from everyday tea, to chilli chai) and four sugar swizzle sticks.

Can you imagine the tea breaks you could be enjoying?

To be in to win this delicious brownie gift box, worth £26.50, simply enter via the Rafflecopter form, below. Good luck! 


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  1. Princess Diana!

  2. Spencer Broadley - February 1, 2017 reply

    Definitely Marilyn Monroe – my all-time great

  3. Margaret Clarkson - February 1, 2017 reply

    Edward Jenner

  4. Alison Ellis - February 1, 2017 reply

    The Dalai Lama . Because he must have such a pres,ence.

  5. Olga carpenter - February 1, 2017 reply

    The queen mother

  6. Eva Peron

  7. My nan I miss her alot she always had great advice and stories.

  8. michelle o'neill - February 1, 2017 reply

    elvis x

  9. Brad pitt would be nice 🙂

  10. Jennifer Haden - February 1, 2017 reply

    I think I’d love to have tea with my great grandmother, she sounds like an amazing person, would have been nice to have meet her 🙂 x

  11. my partner, I would do anything for him to take me for afternoon tea however he does not drink hot drinks or eat yummy buns/cakes and only likes boring sandwiches.

  12. Helen Moulden - February 1, 2017 reply

    With my grandad, I wish I could go back and see him again.

  13. claire woods - February 1, 2017 reply

    George Michael

  14. Ton Hanks is my fave movie star. In my opinion he’s never made a bad movie, from Woody in Toy Story to Sully, just out before Christmas. But his best movie is Forrest Gump. I can but dream…
    Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  15. iain maciver - February 1, 2017 reply

    elvis presley

  16. Karen Barrett - February 1, 2017 reply

    Has to be Elvis! 🙂

  17. My nan

  18. Corney I know but I would spend it with my husband we get very little time together due to work commitments

  19. For me i’d choose my Dad,he passed away 15 years ago x

  20. Alison Macdonald - February 1, 2017 reply

    My brother who sadly passed away in 1999 ;-(

  21. joanna brand - February 1, 2017 reply

    My Grandma, she was amazing. I wish I had been that little bit older and afternoon teas had been so popular when she was still here. It would have been absolutely perfect. Miss her.

  22. Andrea Upton - February 1, 2017 reply

    My mother, sadly no longer with us, but happy memories

  23. Christine Caple - February 1, 2017 reply

    My mum who passed away 13 years ago

  24. My husband – I can’t think of anyone else I would want to share a meal with more ;o)

  25. Angela Treadway - February 1, 2017 reply

    my mum who is sadly not with us anymore x

  26. My late Dad, he loved cream cakes x

  27. Christina Charlton - February 1, 2017 reply

    My mum who I lost 6 years ago, just before afternoon teas became the thing to do. Would have been lovely to share a treat x

  28. Joanne Beale - February 1, 2017 reply

    My Nan and Grandad as I really miss them

  29. John Lennon

  30. Matt Bellamy from Muse, he’s amazing

  31. Carly Nichol - February 1, 2017 reply

    This looks so yummy!

  32. david boreanaz i could stare at him all day

  33. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson - February 1, 2017 reply

    A writer or poet (or artist) whose work I admire and would love to talk to them about…so…perhaps Dylan Thomas sat in his writing boat shed looking out over Laugharne and watching him write lists of rhyming words (some are pinned to the shed walls now). He was a drinker so I have a feeling afternoon tea may have included a drink as well as tea and Welsh cakes.

  34. lucy higgins - February 1, 2017 reply

    Mary Berry

  35. Dawn Brodribb - February 1, 2017 reply

    My mam as I would love her to be spoiled

  36. Peter Kay as he makes me laugh.

  37. with my nan – a great lady

  38. Danny Dyer

  39. I would spend it with my daughter, we would have a great time! 🙂

  40. my boyfriend

  41. Bishop Desmond Tutu

  42. melanie stirling - February 1, 2017 reply

    My grandad who I still miss after almost 26 years.

  43. Janette Pryor - February 1, 2017 reply

    My Mum, after dad died I never took her out for afternoon tea, I meant to, I wanted to, but distance and other commitments meant it didn’t happen and then suddenly she was just gone.

  44. A S,Edinburgh - February 1, 2017 reply

    Just the people I care about most, I think.

  45. Emma Whittaker - February 1, 2017 reply

    It would have to be my Nan who I lost 4 years ago, we always used to go for a cream tea on a Friday so to be able to do that one more time would be amaizing 🙂

  46. MANDY DOHERTY - February 1, 2017 reply

    Tom Hardy

  47. Pink, I think she is such an inspirational woman

  48. Allan Wilson - February 2, 2017 reply

    Donald Trump – if only to slip some eye drops into his tea.

  49. Nat thomason - February 2, 2017 reply

    My late father he loved tea and cake

  50. David Attenborough such a wise and clever man

  51. My nana and grandad, who are no longer with us but I’d love them to meet the kids!

  52. Anthea Holloway - February 2, 2017 reply

    Leonard Cohen – he was a wonderful singer-songwriter and so inspirational.

  53. Sue McCarthy - February 2, 2017 reply

    Gerald Durrell

  54. Katie McGinley - February 2, 2017 reply

    Michael Jackson

  55. Robert Price - February 2, 2017 reply

    My late partner Pat

  56. Princess Diana Everytime

  57. Annabel Greaves - February 2, 2017 reply

    Someone funny like Jimmy Carr

  58. Rebecca Morton - February 2, 2017 reply

    David Tennant

  59. clair downham - February 2, 2017 reply

    my grandparents who died

  60. Oscar Wilde

  61. kate kathurima - February 2, 2017 reply

    My Nan I never got to say good bye so would be nice to have one last tea

  62. Penny Boylan - February 2, 2017 reply

    I’d love to share afternoon tea with Mary Berry so she can give me some baking tips

  63. Natalie Baskerville - February 2, 2017 reply

    Mary Berry she seems like she would be lovely to talk to and she could give me baking tips

  64. Lorna Ledger - February 2, 2017 reply

    Stephen King because he is a great writer

  65. Sandra Clarke - February 2, 2017 reply

    My friend, Andrea, as we love going out for a treat and a natter.

  66. My friend Claire, who loves tea as much as I do
    Jane Willis recently posted…CameleopardMy Profile

  67. Laura Pritchard - February 2, 2017 reply

    Sir David Attenborough – he’d be so gentlemanly & would be the most fascinating company!

  68. Andrea Fletcher - February 2, 2017 reply

    My dad who loved cake.

  69. maria blythin - February 2, 2017 reply

    marilyn monroe x

  70. Jo Hutchinson - February 3, 2017 reply

    I’d love to have tea with my grandmother

  71. Abigail Cullen - February 3, 2017 reply

    With my mate Esther, who I only see a couple of times a year, but I’ve known for the past 25 years.

  72. Marilyn Monroe. Xx

  73. Ruth Harwood - February 3, 2017 reply

    Kathryn Parr as she was a great woman and an intelligent person – she had to be to survive Henry VIII!!

  74. Melissa Crowe - February 3, 2017 reply

    My grandad <3

  75. Sarah Corbett - February 3, 2017 reply

    My family!

  76. jo liddement - February 3, 2017 reply

    I would love to have tea with my favourite actress Katherine Hepburn

  77. Tom Hanks because I think he is so personable and engaging and a wonderful actor with a fantastic sense of fun. 🙂

  78. Alison Johnson - February 3, 2017 reply

    Barack Obama

  79. Sadiyya Maryam - February 4, 2017 reply

    My lovely mum, she never puts herself first so going out and enjoying afternoon tea would be a real treat for her.

  80. My dad. He’s not around anymore so it’d be great to have him back for afternoon tea hehe. Failing that my mum and sister are always a good giggle.

  81. My best friend who lives in Canada
    Cath Joyce recently posted…Bowling PartyMy Profile

  82. Rachel Craig - February 5, 2017 reply

    Susan Boyle.

  83. My nana who passed away when I was young, or my grandad who died 7 years ago.

  84. Miss Tracy Hanson - February 5, 2017 reply

    Probably Dave Grohl – I’ve had an obsession with him since Nirvana lol. 🙂

  85. Patricia Avery - February 5, 2017 reply

    My Grandma who we lived with for the first 7 years of my life. One strong, feisty lady. I am so proud to have inherited her genes! 🙂

  86. Elvis Presley – he could sing to me all afternoon.

  87. Angela Macdonald - February 5, 2017 reply

    My grandparents & nanna who are sadly no longer with me 🙂

  88. Claire Elizabeth Noke - February 5, 2017 reply

    my grandad 🙂 .. we were so close and I miss him everyday xx

  89. Susie Wilkinson - February 5, 2017 reply

    I would be lovely to be able to sit with my Mum for a few hours, I miss her so much

  90. Rebecca Browne - February 6, 2017 reply

    My sisters 🙂

  91. Allan Fullarton - February 6, 2017 reply

    Eva Peron

  92. claire griffiths - February 6, 2017 reply

    my mum miss her so much

  93. gemma hendry - February 6, 2017 reply

    my gran miss her loads

  94. Rachel white - February 6, 2017 reply

    My choice if not my husband is the one & only George Michael. . He’d love a cuppa & brownies …

  95. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) - February 6, 2017 reply

    My mum, dad and fiance

  96. Lorraine Stone - February 6, 2017 reply

    John Lennon

  97. Vicky Hawkins - February 6, 2017 reply

    I would love to spend afternoon tea with my godfather who sadly passed away 8 years ago.

  98. Mark Calloway aka the WWE wrestler the undertaker.

  99. Joanna Kasznicki - February 7, 2017 reply

    The queen

  100. David Attenborough. I love him. An absolute legend. Bet he’d have a never ending supply of interesting stories.

  101. Mary Baldwin - February 7, 2017 reply

    I’d love to have afternoon tea with my Grandma and ask her all the questions I should have done when she was alive.

  102. My sister, who passed away suddenly in 2015 – love to sit and talk and tell her I love her always

  103. olivia kirby - February 7, 2017 reply

    My husband, not interested in famous people and I love to spend time with him!

  104. Danielle Pooley - February 7, 2017 reply

    My nan! We never had afternoon tea when we could & now we can’t.

  105. Michelle Wild - February 7, 2017 reply


  106. Angela Kelly - February 7, 2017 reply

    I just love to spend time with my Mum.

  107. Amanda Gregory - February 7, 2017 reply

    Marie Curie is the person I would have loved to have afternoon tea with.

  108. Audrey Hepburn definitely!

  109. My dad

  110. Jane Austen!

  111. Aaron Midgley - February 7, 2017 reply

    My fiance

  112. Rebecca Powell - February 7, 2017 reply

    My sister

  113. Juliet Wilson - February 7, 2017 reply

    I would love to spend it with my Grandad, what I wouldn’t give to have just one more afternoon with him.

  114. i would love to spend afternoon tea with my mum x

  115. Cara Bemrose-williams - February 7, 2017 reply

    My mum, who is a huge tea drinker

  116. Emma Schofield - February 7, 2017 reply

    My hubby

  117. id love to spend it was chris brown…i kinda like him lol

  118. Lynsey Buchanan - February 7, 2017 reply

    MY Mum

  119. Amanda tanner - February 8, 2017 reply

    Both my nans who are no longer here

  120. paula cheadle - February 8, 2017 reply

    my Mum and Dad if I could, but if someone famous, it would have to be Daniel O’Donnell the Irish singer as I adore all of his songs and I like him as a person

  121. Sheila Mckenna - February 8, 2017 reply

    Simon Cowell

  122. always my wife

  123. Sheila Reeves - February 8, 2017 reply

    My mum, she died many years ago – would be lovely to have an afternoon with her

  124. Nicki simpson - February 8, 2017 reply

    Honestly, my friend who’s no longer with us, she loved stuff like this! She’l looking Down on me from wherever she is going mad that I’m using her for a competition entry!

  125. Julie Edwards - February 8, 2017 reply

    This may sound abit odd for a afternoon tea but I would love to share it with Axl Rose… Might be a tad too sedate for him though lol

  126. carol boffey - February 8, 2017 reply

    My other half

  127. My lovely nanna XX

  128. Victoria Prince - February 8, 2017 reply

    I would love to spend afternoon tea with Freddie Mercury 🙂

  129. Dominique Clarke - February 8, 2017 reply

    Tom Hardy, Pssst don’t tell my partner!

  130. Joanne Hutchings - February 8, 2017 reply

    A bit boring but I’d be happy to have afternoon tea with my husband!

  131. My Mum, we used to do it all the time before she passed away and I am amazed at how much I miss such a little thing like just having tea with her x

  132. Michelle lintern - February 8, 2017 reply

    My mum who died 5 years ago, she loved her cup of tea and cake.

  133. I would love to share a scrumptious afternoon tea with Audrey Hepburn – not only is she my ultimate style icon but she had such an interesting life it would be fascinating to sit and chat over afternoon tea with her.

  134. would love to spend afternoon tea with Peter Kay as it would be lots of fun x

  135. beccy rowley - February 8, 2017 reply

    My nan as she sadly passed away when I was very young.

  136. My daughter and husband

  137. samantha buntain - February 8, 2017 reply

    My mother

  138. Amanda Botterill - February 8, 2017 reply

    My Dad, I miss him

  139. Michael Kitchen but he would have to turn up wearing his Foyle’s War hat and coat.

  140. donna l jones - February 8, 2017 reply

    love to spend it with russell brand

  141. Tricia cowell - February 8, 2017 reply

    Ben Stiller I think we would have a great laugh together

  142. Sandra Jo Siddall - February 8, 2017 reply

    Lee Evans would be awesome 🙂

  143. I would like my mum to come back from heaven

  144. Rachael Ashmore - February 8, 2017 reply

    My dad he lives in Australia so I only get to see him every 5 years or so

  145. ADEINNE TONNER - February 8, 2017 reply

    For me it would have to be Gary Barlow as i’m a huge take that fan and he’s my favourite in the band

  146. Wes McIntosh - February 8, 2017 reply

    My great grandad so we can chat about all his wartime stories

  147. Mary Berry!

  148. gemma raines - February 8, 2017 reply

    it would have to be my mum and dad (past) as I love them and miss them very much and id love a catch up

  149. My sister, we always have a good laugh when we get together

  150. Ant and Dec. They would be very entertaining, great company and easy on the eye!

  151. Charles Dickens because I am fascinated by the time he lived in and wrote about

  152. Benedict Cumberbatch

  153. Claire Nelson - February 8, 2017 reply

    My grandparents, they always enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

  154. Maria Jane Knight - February 8, 2017 reply

    With David Attenborough, i could talk to him for hours about the natural world!

  155. Julie Walters! I bet she could tell some great stories, and deliver them in hilarious fashion.

  156. Clare Hubbard - February 8, 2017 reply

    David Tennant 🙂

  157. Rebecca Beesley - February 8, 2017 reply

    Mary Berry – I did get the chance to meet her for afternoon tea a few years ago but was so star struck i couldn’t say a word! So this time i’d be better prepared.

  158. Leanne Perrett - February 8, 2017 reply

    i would choose my granddad and granny i lost my granddad when i was 6 and only have one or two memories of him and my granny died a few years ago

  159. Natalie Crossan - February 8, 2017 reply

    Diana, Princess of Wales <3 xxx

  160. My beautiful man and his father

  161. I think it would have to be the queen, i can imagine there is some good afternoon tea at the palace!

  162. Lucy Chester - February 8, 2017 reply

    My nan always

  163. Winston Churchill and all of my Grandparents.

  164. My late Dad, I feel I have things left to say to him.

  165. Dawn French as she comes across as a genuinely lovely person who would be great company

  166. My Mum. We live almost 240 miles apart, so dont get to see each other often enough x

  167. My mom because she is just amazing x

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