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Panasonic fruit juice

So earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting the team at Panasonic UK, where they were showing off their small kitchen appliances range. Then we used them to make this DELICIOUS meal you see before you.

We made fresh juice with their cold-press juicer, and salad with their food processor. Pretty standard stuff so far.

Panasonic salad

But here’s the kicker – our roast beef main, dulce de leche brownies and the rustic sourdough we also made were all baked in a microwave. Yes. A microwave. 

Panasonic roast beef

Panasonic brownies

I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking the exact same thing – microwaves are fine for defrosting, heating up soups and even baking potatoes, but you can’t actually cook with them. Guess what. We were both wrong.

Modern combi microwaves can do the traditional microwave zapping that we’re all familiar with, but it can also grill and cook and bake exactly like a traditional oven.

Think of the possibilities – instead of a regular cooker and a separate microwave taking up space, you could simply buy a three-in-one combi microwave instead, making them perfect for students, granny flats and apartments with limited space (we seriously could have done with one of these when we lived in our shoe-box London flat!).

You can see good they look, but how did the dishes taste? Absolutely amazing. Seriously. The beef was soft and juicy, and cooked to medium-rare perfection. The sourdough was soft and deliciously infused with rosemary, and chocolate brownies were rich and sticky, with oozing blobs of caramel inside and a delicious crunchy layer on the top.

I left feeling seriously impressed with Panasonic’s fancy new kitchen tech, and with a whole new appreciation for the humble microwave. Oh, and full – very, very full.



  1. We were given a combi oven as a wedding present 9 years ago and I absolutely loved it, I used to use it all the time. A few months ago it blew up because of a loose connection in our power socket. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to buy a new combi oven and went for a microwave instead and I feel lost without it. They are amazing!!!
    Sabina @MummyMatters recently posted…Big Opinions From Today’s Little AdventurersMy Profile

  2. Really? Have never cooked in our microwave, only use for heating up or defrosting, interesting to know! BTW, the food looks amazing, my tummy is rumbling…. on my fast day!
    Mirka Moore @Kahanka recently posted…Getting Our Hair Trollified!My Profile

    • I. Know. It kinda blew me away what they managed to make in a microwave – I had NO IDEA they could do so much. x

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