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Made in Me shoes

A little while ago I was thrilled to be asked by Made In Me if I’d like to try a pair of their handmade shoes.

Rhetorical question, surely?

With the party season about to kick off, it’s the perfect excuse to splash out on some gorgeous sparkly shoes, just because. 

I’ve never owned a really good quality pair of shoes before, for several reasons. Firstly, I have slight hypermobility (when your joints are overly flexible, so extend a bit further than they should) which often made wearing heels uncomfortable on my back. I’ve always been terrible at walking in heels too (which I’ve only just realised is also part of the hypermobility, as my centre of gravity is out of whack).

Added to that, I have one foot that’s half a size bigger than the other. Which means I’m either walking around with one shoe falling off or so tight it’s breaking my toes.

MADE IN ME is different from any other brand I’ve come across as you’re able to personally design your own pair using their brilliant online 3D simulator. You get to select everything from heel height (flat to 4 3/4 inches) and shoe style (ankle boot, gladiator, sandal, etc…), to the colour (everything from rainbow brights, to festive metallics) and what it’s made from (suede, soft leather, mock snakeskin, etc).

The simulator then mocks up the look for you, so you can actually see your creation come to life AND because it’s three dimensional you can view it from every angle – like checking yourself out in the changing room mirror. And, if that’s not quite enough for you to decide, you can also view some of the top designs for inspiration, or contact customer support for advice.

Honestly, it took me an entire week to make up my mind – there are so many stunning combinations you can create.

Finally, after many hours of experimenting, debating and changing my mind a million times I finally created my own pair of bespoke shoes. And they’re perfect. 

I opted for a gladiator style in a three-inch heel – high enough to add height and glamour, but not so high that I couldn’t walk. Next I experimented with the different colours and materials. I was this close to choosing a mixture of teal, purple and hot pink suede, but in the end I decided on glittery gold leather with a snakeskin print.

Christmas was approaching, and I knew these would be the perfect way to add sparkly fun to any party outfit.

made in me shoes front

When I submitted my final design I had one last request; it was a bit cheeky, but the Made in Me team had been so helpful up until that moment I figured I had nothing to lose.

I asked if they would make one shoe in a size 38, and the other in a size 39, to fit my wonky feet. And then I waited for them to say no. Except they didn’t – quite the opposite, in fact. They replied that it wasn’t a problem at all, for a small surcharge (less than £20) they would tailor make my mismatched shoes for my mismatched feet. SO EXCITED.

Then it was an impatient wait while my bespoke shoes were being hand made by the Made in Me artisans in Spain.

A few weeks later a beautifully wrapped parcel arrived. Nestled in layers of tissue paper were my gorgeous, shiny, made-JUST-for-me shoes. You could see at a glance that the leather was great quality, and were really well made.

I tried them on immediately (of course) and was amazed by how comfortable they felt. The custom sizing meant a perfect fit for my long-suffering toes, while the softly padded suede insoles gently cushioned my arches. And they were so easy to walk in – a big thing for the girl who’s always struggled to stay upright in heels.

You’re obviously paying more to have shoes that are custom made – a pair like mine would cost around £200 – but now I actually understand how the benefits outweigh the costs. Plus, they’re such great quality I will literally have these for years.

Bring on the Christmas parties! 

• my stunning shoes were made just for me, thanks Made in Me


  1. Stunning shoes, and what a service! Have never heard of any brand offering shoes according to customer’s size demand! You are becoming a celeb!!!! 😉
    Mirka Moore @Kahanka recently posted…Getting Our Hair Trollified!My Profile

  2. Oh Jacqui, you must be in seventh heaven! How amazing to have shoes made just for you – I hope you enjoy wearing them!

    • Seriously, they are STUNNING! And you’re so right, having them made just for you is a whole new world of luxury – trouble is, I’m not sure I can go back to ‘off-the-shelf’ shoes ever again! 😉

  3. Oh what a great idea – I don’t have odd sized feet but I’m a 4.5 so I either have to shoe-horn my trotters into a 4 (claw toe is never a good look!) or flap around in a size 5! Beautiful shoes lucky lady!. #BrillBlogPosts

    • Haha! Yes! I can totally relate – you’re either hobbling around in pain, or losing your shoe with every other step. x

  4. Oh wow now those shoes are absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of making your own shoes. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…5 Ways to Winter Proof Your HomeMy Profile

    • Deciding on the style is half the fun – then you actually get to wear them too! #winwin 😉 x

  5. Oh wow, my wife would just love this. I am going to be looking into Made for Me. She’d also love your shoes. If she doesn’t have a pair within the next month or so, I’ll be very surprised!

    • If you got your wife a pair of these I can GUARANTEE you’d be Hubby of the Year! 😉

  6. This is so cool! I just checked out their website after I read that you have a custom-made shoes. I do not like to wear heels too. I have not found any pair of heels which I’m comfortable. I think it has something to do with the sole of the shoes too. They become loose. I would like to try this. Thank you for sharing this.
    Iza Abao, Two Monkeys Travel Group Writer recently posted…10 Reasons Why Benidorm, Spain is the Perfect Winter Holiday Destination @visitbenidormMy Profile

  7. Sarah (Mum x3x) - November 11, 2016 reply

    Ohh what a wonderful idea! And so unique having shoes made just for you. I also have odd sized feet and I have wide feet… Finding shoes that fit is a nightmare! May need to check out Made In Me in the very near future 🙂 xx

  8. The shoes are absolutely beautiful and it’s so nice that they were handmade just for you, what a service x

  9. What a fantastic idea! These shoes are so pretty!!

  10. Oh these are beautiful, I love the idea of being able to totally design your own shoes and then actually buy them!! <3

  11. Wow. Those shoes are gorgeous! I’d love to design my own shoes! xo

  12. They are dreamy girl, are you wearing them on Sat? Look like Gina’s-so, so gorgeous xx
    Honest mum recently posted…Check Out This Family’s Winter Style & Win a £100 To Spend on NextMy Profile

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