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Lil Sis Geox boots turned away

I know you’re not supposed to admit it, but one of the best parts of being a mum is dressing your kids up in outfits you secretly wish you were still young enough to get away with. Anyone who denies it is lying. 

I had quite a tomboyish style growing up – I remember Mum sewing my sister and me matching summer dresses for Christmas one year (southern hemisphere, people, keep up!). I recognised that it was a beautiful dress, and was very proud of it, but when I put it on I just felt wrong; like I wasn’t me anymore.

I was much more of a jeans and t-shirt girl, and pretty much lived in flip-flops (or jandals, as we called them – don’t ask me why) and sneakers.

Nothing much has changed, really. You’ll very rarely catch me in a dress, and skirts? Forgeddaboutit. I think I’ve worn about three in my life – and one of those was my school uniform.

Big Sis is similar to me, she prefers jeans or joggers and a pair of trainers. Lil Sis, however, is the polar opposite. She’d spend 24 hours of every day in a dress if I let her – including to bed. She spends AGES picking her outfits, deciding on just the right accessories and selecting the perfect headband to match.  If it’s pink, or sparkly, or flares out when she twirls, she’s guaranteed to adore it.

Geox boots three quarters

Which is why I knew she’d love these GEOX Junior Sofia kids’ ankle boots. We’ve been big fans of GEOX for years – they make gorgeous women’s shoes and boots too, and Lil Sis’s first pair of ‘grown-up’ shoes were a pair of grey suede boots from an earlier range. They were so well made that even after she’d grown out of them they looked as if they’d barely been worn.

What’s really clever about GEOX boots is that they have a special microporous membrane built into the rubber sole that absorbs and expels sweat, without letting any water in. This constant removal of moisture from inside the shoe lowers the risk of your feet overheating and creates a comfortable microclimate, keeping feet warm and dry in the winter, and cool and dry in the summer.

And let’s not overlook the fact they look gorgeous. I love a good biker boot/dress combo at the best of times, but these boots have a coating that gives them a sparkly silvery sheen, which I knew Lil Sis would go crazy for.

She couldn’t wait to wear them to her friend’s party the other weekend, teaming it with her fuschia pink HATLEY dress and a NEXT denim jacket. It was a Popstars party, so I was a bit worried her feet would suffer from dancing around in new shoes, but she reported back that they had been really comfortable, and hadn’t rubbed at all.

Another box ticked! 

Geox Lil Sis facing forward

Thanks GEOX for sending my Cinderella her gorgeous Sofia boots to wear to the ball party!Geox boots


  1. What a little beauty Lil Sis is becoming, she will break some hearts when she is older.

    LB is a girl after my own heart and wears boots too so she would love these, it’s not a brand I have heard of so will have to check them out 🙂

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