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girls in car AA

One of our favourite things to do is jump in the car at the weekend, and go exploring.

We’re lucky to live in the middle of an official ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ – if you drive 20 minutes in any direction you’ll come across an amazing park, a gorgeous nature reserve, or a stunning stately home.

So when the AA invited us to enjoy a family day out AND offered to send a hamper of goodies to make the journey run more smoothly, we were spoilt for choice.

But what was in aid of? I hear you ask.

New research carried out by the AA has revealed the most common reason for being late is car problems. However… one third of Britons confessed they’d be sceptical if a friend offered up that very excuse.

Which seems a bit unfair, right? It reminds me of the time three summers ago, when the girls and I were driving to meet a friend. We had a fabulous day planned – we were going to visit (that bloggers’ favourite) the local lavender fields, then take all the kids to a restaurant that served ONLY desserts. I mean, hello?! 

We were a little late getting out the door because… well… there wasn’t any particular reason – I just hadn’t gotten ready quickly enough. So I’d already fired off an ‘on our way, might be 15 minutes late…‘ text.

On the motorway we hit a huge snarl of traffic, so it was follow-up voice message: ‘Traffic horrendous. Aaarrrrrgh! Will get there as soon as we can.’

Still, we plodded on… until I heard a beeping noise. Looking down, I noticed the car’s temperature gauge had spun right around to the scary looking red part, and one of the warning lights was flashing. I pulled over and turned off the engine, and called the AA to please come and rescue us.

Next, I called my friend to update her on our car drama. She was completely understanding and concerned for us all, but I couldn’t help worrying that she didn’t believe me. I mean, come on, the car broke down?! It’s such a cliché!

So as well as getting you back on the road, the AA now offers a ‘Proof of Excuse’ service – a time and date-stamped selfie taken with your AA man or woman to prove that you did, in fact, break down. No more paranoia at your end, or niggling doubts at theirs.

Genius, right? 

Anyway, to finish our story – our AA hero arrived after 40 minutes, and managed to patch us up enough to get us home (a jammed engine fan, in case you’re wondering).

Back to modern day, we decided that our family adventure would be to visit an area of ancient woodland near where we live. We had a great afternoon wandering through the trees, kicking the fallen autumn leaves, and building a stick hut.

lil sis stick hut

big sis stick hut

Lil and big sis stick hut

Thanks to the AA for inspiring our fun familiy day out; hopefully we never need to use your ‘Proof of Excuse’ service, but it’s nice to know it’s there if we do!

• we received a fab hamper with goodies to help with our next family road trip

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