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As blogger kids, the girls put up with a lot.

Smiling on cue (‘Look happy! No, not THAT happy – you look a bit crazy – medium-sized happy… ‘), not being able to eat their food until I give them the OK; being dragged to the local park for impromptu fashion shoots.

And now, a new injustice has been added to the list: making them put on their uniforms days in advance of the actual new term to take photos of their new school shoes. But, in my defence, I incentivised (bribed) them with pizza for lunch afterwards and they’re pretty amazing shoes.

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I’ve written before about how Big Sis was born with positional talipes – a condition where the feet end up turning inwards, due to the baby’s position in the womb.

It’s something that usually corrects itself once the child starts walking, but we wanted to make sure Big Sis had the best head start possible, which is when when we first came across the concept of ‘barefoot technology’.

Basically, shoes that are designed around this technology aim to replicate the feeling of being barefoot as much as possible – plenty of space inside for those growing toes, and thin soles that allow the foot to make contact with the ground for a more natural movement (I’m a bit obsessed with bare feet, as you can read about here).

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We found it worked wonders for Big Sis (you’d never be able to tell now that she had positional talipes), which is why I’m such a huge fan of the Vivobarefoot range. They use barefoot technology in all their designs, from sports and leisure shoes, to school shoes for children.

When you think that kids spend most of the week in their school shoes, it makes you realise how important it is that they’re comfortable and supportive enough for young feet. Vivobarefoot shoes are made from a super-light design, with a wide, rounded toe area – no more bunion-causing scrunched-up toes.

We were sent a pair of the new WILLOW style to try out (we loved them so much we bought the second pair ourselves).

vivobarefoot pond back


Big Sis loved the classic ‘Mary-Jane’ style, while  Lil Sis was impressed by the simple-to-use velcro fastenings, particularly since she found her old pair had a traditional buckle which she found awkward to get on and off.

She also LOVED the fancy patent leather effect on the strap and heel panel at the back.

And I loved the fact that these shoes were stylish, durable AND practical. The puncture-resistant sole is specially designed to allow the foot to have contact with the ground underneath – mimicking the action of going barefoot.

This allows the nerves in our feet to successfully feed back to the brain, complementing the body’s natural biomechanics, and improving movement, posture and balance.

Yes, they’re a bit more expensive than other types of school shoes (the Willow style retails for £50) but when you consider that the wrong shoes can create movement and stability problems, and even eventually lead to foot, knee, hip and back pain, it seems a small price to pay for your child’s current comfort, and future health.

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  1. We are huge Vivabarefoot fans, Isabelle had a pair and loved wearing it. They lasted for so long looking as new too!
    Mirka Moore @Kahanka recently posted…Why to Switch from Oil to LPG?My Profile

  2. Hi Jacqui,
    Nice to meet you. 🙂

    Love this post on Vivobarefoot shoes. Really, uk people love to wear a vivabarefoot shoes since it lasts long and have a lightweight feature too. Seems like child are feeling so comfy wearing this Vivobarefoot shoes and suiting very well on them too. The best thing which I like most of Vivobarefoot is : it has a huge collection of latest and trendy shoes and wearing Vivobarefoot shoes experience very well.

    Vivobarefoot is great alternative for school shoes. We should wear a shoes which feel us comfortable at any place.

    Thanks for posting.
    – Ravi.

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