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Lee Neale thought nothing of lending his eight-year-old daughter, Lily, his iPad so she could play the free children’s apps he’d downloaded for her.

Unbeknownst to Lee, Lily had memorised his password and used it to pay for in-app purchases, completely unaware she was using ‘real’ money. Lee remained oblivious because the receipts were being sent to an unused email account; it wasn’t until his bank froze his accounts he discovered she’d racked up a staggering £4,000 bill.

Luckily, in Lee’s case Apple finally relented and agreed to refund they money although – technically – they weren’t legally required to. A quick Google search turns up dozens of similar stories, and not all of them have such a happy ending.

The digital age is second-nature to our little ones and children’s apps are a fantastic way to entertain and educate them (Big Sis has a brilliant one that helps her learn her times tables), but we parents need to trust that we can hand over our phones and tablets without them accessing inappropriate content, or spending our life savings!


Kidz in Mind is a new subscription-based Super-App that finds the very best kids preschool apps, and houses them all in one location to create a safe ‘digital playground’. Every app has been expertly vetted by to ensure they’re safe, educational and don’t encourage children to click away to third-party sites. And, they’re completely ad free – no annoying pop ups, no option for children to purchase exorbitant add ons.

There are already 40+ children’s apps ready and waiting to be enjoyed, and more are carefully chosen and added each week. You can tailor the parental controls to restrict screen time, and lock your device so your child can’t accidentally access the rest of your phone while using KIDZINMIND.

Because you’re paying a small monthly subscription you know exactly what you’re spending each month – there are no hidden charges, or nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Download then app and you’ll have instant access to two completely free children’s apps. If you decide to enhance your subscription you’ll receive a free seven-day trial, then you’ll pay just £2.29 per month to access the entire library. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a six-month subscription for £10.99, or one year for £18.99 (all subscriptions automatically renew until you choose to cancel).

So you can relax, knowing your children are playing safely and happily in their very own secure digital playground.

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