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One of my absolute fav things to do is snuggle up with the girls and watch a movie.

So when we were invited to join the Netflix #StreamTeam I was all like: ‘Pffffft! What took you so long to ask?!’ (I didn’t really, I said: ‘Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, yes please, pick me! Pick me! Pick meeeeeeee!‘.)

To mark this auspicious occasion, I decided to arrange a little Netflix garden glamping adventure for the girls.

netflix garden glamping

When I was their age I remember going backyard camping in New Zealand with my cousin. We had the best time, snuggled into our sleeping bags on a camping roll (no fancy airbeds for us back then!), midnight snacks at the ready.

When darkness fell we played shadow puppets with our flashlights, and giggled and told ghost stories until we collapsed into sleep…

… only to be woken in the middle of the night by a werewolf (hedgehog) snuffling around the tent. Our al fresco adventure ended abruptly as we ran, screaming, back into the house.

The girls are too young to stay outside on their own, but over the weekend OH and I came up with a compromise: we bought a small festival tent and told the girls they could fall asleep in there, and we’d carry them back inside when we went to bed.

OH put the tent up, while I pumped up the girls’ ReadyBeds, charged up the iPad and carted our campfire chimnea on to the lawn.

netflix garden glamping

Once the fire was roaring, we toasted marshmallows over the flames. Then, while OH and I enjoyed a sneaky glass of wine, the girls zipped themselves inside the tent and sipped hot chocolate while watching Denis the Menace on Netflix (yay for a strong wifi signal!).

They were in heaven, and were so excited to sleep in the tent they didn’t even protest when we told them it was bed time.

netflix garden glamping Lil Sis poking head outnetflix garden glamping bed

After a LOT of giggling and squealing, the tent fell silent; by some glamping miracle, they were both sound asleep.

Which also meant I got my iPad back, great news for me as I love completely immersing myself in a good box set.


I loved Making a Murderer, and re-watched every single one of all the Breaking Bad episodes (I haven’t tried Better Call Saul yet as I’m a bit dubious of spin-offs, but will definitely give it a try).

Then I went through a documentary phase, and became slightly obsessed with films about how Ponzi schemes helped trigger the international banking crisis. Yes, I realise how nerdy that sounds.

I haven’t watched Orange is the New Black yet (don’t judge me), but it’s on my hit list, along with the Netflix Original series Spotless, about a crime scene cleaner and his dark past. And I’m counting down until series five of Homeland appears (soon, please be soon!).

So much to watch, so little time: #NetflixProblems.

• as a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam we were sent an iPad mini to watch all their fabulous programmes at our leisure



  1. What a great idea, we are finally starting to get out in our garden a little more and LB was given a pop up tent for her birthday so she would love this. We have been a Netflix family for over a year now and I honestly wonder what we did before it came into our lives. I can guarantee someone in our house uses it every single day!! Congrats on joining the #StreamTeam 😉 xx

  2. I keep meaning to do some back garden camping. Loving the idea of combining it with a movie night.
    Erica Price recently posted…Milk & Biscuits ReviewMy Profile

  3. Sounds like your girls had so much fun, love toasting for marshmallows xx

  4. Oh you should watch OITNB it is awesome! Looks like the girls had a fab time x
    Sonia recently posted…Instagram Weekly 11th-17th JulyMy Profile

  5. It does sound as though your girls had a lot of fun and they look so cute in their tent x

  6. Whoo this sounds a great idea. Love Netflix and all the things on it! Lucky you, hehe I would be excited too 🙂

  7. OMG the new series if OITNB is amazing – we binge watched it

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