money saving ideas

1: Turn your trash into someone else’s treasure

When we moved into our house five years ago we discovered a rather twee cherub statue in the overgrown back garden. OH wanted to chuck it straight in the skip, but instead I listed it on Ebay. He scoffed. Until he saw it had sold for £80. *smug face*

2: Save your energy

It may seem like a chore to switch your gas or electricity supplier, but in actual fact it’s a really simple way to make extra money. Visit BE AN ENERGY SHOPPER’s website to find out how to switch and access all the Ofgem-approved price comparison sites. From there just enter your details to find the biggest savings.

Most companies do all the legwork for you too – notifying your existing supplier, and facilitating the changeover to your new account. We did this last year, and made an annual saving of £240.

3: Mind the gaps

If you have a spare room or empty loft space, list it on a site such as STOREMATES where you can get matched with people looking for low-cost storage (check out the site for all the additional considerations, including insurance).

Similarly, if you have a driveway in a desirable location (near a train station, or busy shopping area) rent out that space to frazzled motorists using sites such as JUST PARK. It’s literally money for nothing.

4: Accept the linky love

There are SO many affiliate programmes out there now – from fashion and beauty, to books and fitness products. Do your research to find the ones that really appeal to you, add the tracking links to your blog or Facebook posts and watch that passive income roll in.

5: Get under the influence

If you’re on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and have a good, engaged following you could be picked for paid campaigns. TAKUMI accepts accounts with over 1000 Instagram followers, while bigger agencies such as INFLUENCER require a minimum of 10,000.

Search ‘Influencer Agencies’ and get browsing.

• written in collaboration with Be An Energy Shopper

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