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Titan cable flat lay

If there’s one thing that drive me nuts, it’s when the expensive USB cable that uploads and charges all my electronic devices breaks.

The rubber cord starts to pucker right where it joins the connectors, then little splits appear. You start plugging it ever so gently, like it’s make of spun glass, but inevitably one of the kids comes along and trips over it/yanks it free/sits on it and those delicate little wires inside ping free.

It limps along bravely for another day or so and just when you convince yourself it’s going to be OK, it stops working – usually around the same time that you desperately need to charge your phone, or urgently upload some photos.


I’d had mixed luck with generic cables in the past – often they’d charge much more slowly and stop working after a few months – but the TITAN USB cable got my attention because its creators have dubbed it ‘the toughest cable on Earth’.

Pretty strong claim, right? But they’ve backed it up, starting with a video of someone attempting to cut through the cable with a chainsaw. A. Chainsaw. Obviously I had to try it after that.

I’ve been using it now for a couple of months and it is amaaaaaaazing. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because it got sent to me to review, it really is brilliant.

The TITAN is made with two layers of high-strength steel, so it’s pretty much indestructible, yet the clever design means it’s flexible, so it holds any shape you twist it into – you can just coil it up to store it away.

Like all bloggers, I do a lot of travelling around and charging on the go. The TITAN USB cable is perfect; because it’s crazy strong you don’t have to worry about the cable snagging or getting damaged inside your bag. It also uploads data much more quickly than other non-Apple cords I’ve tried.

Last but not least – something nifty that I just discovered when I was travelling in the South of France the other weekend – you can mould the cord into a make-shift stand and it holds your iPhone upright, enabling you to use your Kindle or watch a video while it’s charging. Genius! 

• PS: you know I was sent this for the purpose of review, right? 




  1. I need a Titan in my life but I don’t think they do one for Windows phones yet 🙁
    Sabina @MummyMatters recently posted…Restore your floor with InnovoMy Profile

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