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The girls had been on at us for years to buy a trampoline (or ‘jumpaline’ as they’d called it since they were babies) but I’d always fobbed them off.

We’ve got a decent-sized back garden, but it’s not huge, and there was already a playhouse in one corner; I wanted to make sure they still had space to run around.

But we noticed the playhouse was looking a bit lopsided, and made the decision to dismantle it just to be safe. A few days later the team from OUTDOOR TOYS got in touch to ask if we like to try a Rebo kids’ trampoline from their range – fate, right? 

The girls had both done well at school that week – Big Sis had earned her Pen Licence, while Lil Sis had received a good behaviour certificate – so we told they had a special reward for al their hard work. We just let them open the box and figure it out for themselves: ‘A JUMPALINE!’ Big Sis screamed, while Lil Sis ran in circles, cheering.

It took me and OH about 40 minutes to put it together – attaching the springs was the trickiest part, but overall it was pretty straightforward.

When I was a kid trampolines had none of the bells and whistles you see today; I can’t even begin to count the number of times my sister ended up tangled in the springs, smashing into the metal frame, or flying off the side.

Thankfully, that just can’t happen anymore, due to all the safety measures that have since been introduced. The Rebo has been specially designed to meet new EU safety regulations that apply to entrances, edges and protruding parts.

Lil Sis head through entrance kids' trampolines

The safety net surrounding and zip-up entrance means your littlies can no longer accidentally launch themselves into the next-door neighbour’s garden, while the clever new safety design makes it virtually impossible for children to access the springs (which are also covered with UV-resistant padding).

The black kicked-leg frame and octagonal shape also provide extra stability (remember ‘back in the day’ when the entire end of the trampoline would lift up, catapulting some unsuspecting kid into the air?!).

I loved the fact I could leave the girls to play, safe in the knowledge they’d return to me with all limbs intact. I could hear them squealing and laughing as they took turns bouncing about.

Big Sis bouncing towards camera kids' trampoline

Lil Sis bouncing on Kids' trampoline

When I see these happy faces, it just makes me wish we’d gotten one sooner!


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  1. This looks brilliant! My Beans used to LOVE their trampoline but in the end it became a bit dangerous with four of them on it so we gave it away. They now have a rusty old swing and a rusty slide which we are hoping to dismantle soon but are currently trying to find the right ‘play thing’ for them outdoors. The majority of them love to climb but Jelly Bean being only 3 still love a swing and a slide so there is our dilemma. Might have to pop over to Outdoor Toys and see what they have.

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