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Lil Sis come away with me Sunday photo

Lis Sis was the clingiest baby.

If she was in the lounge I couldn’t even walk into the kitchen without her going ballistic the moment I went out of view. One on hand it felt special to have that unconditional love, but it was also exhausting; because she point-blank refused to go with anyone else I never had a moment’s downtime in more than three years.

Now she’s an outgoing five-year-old, and I often wonder if that’s partly because she ‘put me to the test’ so extensively in her younger years she’s now able to relax in the absolute knowledge I’ll always be there. That, if I do go away for a while, I always come back again.

But as confident and sociable as she is, she still always finds time to show me she how much she loves me. She’ll wrap her little fingers around my neck, pull my face close and shower me with kisses, squealing: ‘I love you SO MUCH!’.

She’ll squeeze up next to me on the sofa – so close it’s like she’s trying to actually become a part of me – and gently rub the shoulder she knows I dislocated late last year. When I wake her up in the morning the first thing she’ll do – before she even properly opens her eyes – is pull me close and whisper: ‘My Mama…’.

She’s so thoughtful and affectionate that she teaches me to be a kinder, nicer person too.

I know that one day I’ll have to share that adoration with her friends, then her partner, then eventually her own family – and that’s the way it should be – but I’m going to keep holding her hand for as long as she wants me to, and enjoy every millisecond of that unconditional love.

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  1. This is such a beautiful photograph and those are truly beautiful words Jax, your girls are both such gems and they have you to thank for that, amazing Mama that you are. Love ya lots xx

    • Awwwwwwwwww, Sabina, thank you – you’ve made me go a bit misty! I’m not sure if I can take the credit for Natalia though, as she is just naturally an affectionate little sweetheart – she’s MUCH nicer than I am!! xxx

  2. Stunning photo, the love is coming out of ti! just beautiful x

  3. Aww beautiful photo and I share your sentiments too. They’re never too old for cuddles, just ask my 20 year old lol

  4. It’s too early to get emotional but this just broke my heart (in the best kind of ways) thank you for sharing! x <3

  5. They grow up so fast, it’s good you are making the most of those moments! And that photograph is beautiful! xx

  6. Such a beautiful post and kids never grow away from their parents (especially mum’s). I’m 26 and still can’t cope without my mum for certain things x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Morphe 35T Taupe PalletteMy Profile

  7. Ah this is so sweet – children really do show us true unconditional love with their actions. We need to savour it before they grow up xxx

  8. What a beautiful post and a lovely photo to go with it. I think its wonderful when your children show us love and affection. H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Playroom decor wish list (because I’m not allowed to redecorate!)*My Profile

  9. Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous isn’t it – the unconditional love of your child. Pickle puts his little hands to my face and whispers ‘I love you Mumma’ it is THE BEST! Lovely photo and post. Kaz x

  10. Such a beautiful post, I love the unconditional look of love our children give us – even when they are being naughty and pushing the limits
    clare AKA Emmy’s Mummy recently posted…Every girl wishes for a dressing room and walk-in wardrobe don’t they?My Profile

    • Yes! Sometimes it’s hard to tell them off when you know they’re only being naughty to get your attention!! x

  11. That is the most beautiful photo and I love the post too. She sounds like a beautiful little girl x

  12. Awww…. such a beautiful post. My boy is 5 years old, and he is so clingy. I was wondering if I have not given him enough love and cuddles. I am very exhausted at times too, but I hope he will be a little more confident as he grow older. Lovely post. x #PointShoot
    Su {Ethan & Evelyn} recently posted…My Sunday Photo: Resting – Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya | ThailandMy Profile

  13. Beautiful photo, perfectly captures your relationship.

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

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