Blogger kids

You can spot them a mile off – with perfect smiles (that sometimes don’t quite reach their eyes) that can be turned on in a microsecond, and effortless poses (always angled away from the sun, so they’re not squinting).

They’re the ones with a Facebook life to rival any celebrity’s; the ones sitting patiently for you photograph their ice cream before they take the first spoonful; the ones so used to film screenings they expect to meet the cast afterwards.

Blogger Kids.

PS: if you’re laughing, cringing or nodding right now, I’m guessing you have some Blogger Kids of your own… right? 


  1. lol this is so true. Love this x

  2. Hahaha, totally! Funny I’ve had a blogger kid post on my mind too as it’s a fascinating phenomenon that I believe deserves further scientific study and research. Not by me obvs, but they do crack me up our blogger babes 😉

  3. Hahaha soooooo true!!! I’ve had a few people comment about my kids recently when we have been out and they have seen how they turn to the camera with picture perfect smiles and then I say “it’s became I’m a blogger”. I wonder how long it will be before they ask to start their own blogs 🙂

    • Hahaha! The girls have already started ‘vlogging’ – taping themselves on my old latop. It’s sooooooooo funny listening to them; ‘Ok, so, hi everybody, my name is Lil Sis, and this is my sister, Big Sis. We hope you enjoy our show.’

  4. So funny! Mine two would be the same!

  5. Bahah always tell people my sons are blogger’s kids-they love the camera (wonder who they took after)-this photo had me laughing out loud. Total pros. Lush seeing you yday by the way, you are a total breath of fresh air-here’s to booty shaking with you and the girls next month x

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