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Awwww, it only seems like yesterday that Big Sis was welcoming her little sister into the family.

She loved her sibling even before she was born; every morning she’d kiss my bump and say ‘Hi Bubba!’, and from the moment we brought the squirming bundle home, Big Sis was utterly enchanted.

This is one of my favourite photos, taken when Lil Sis was just three days old. The girls have literally just met each other, and I love the way they’re staring intently into each other’s eyes, like they’re having a proper deep and meaningful.

In reality, Big Sis would have been little more than a fuzzy black blob to Lil Sis, as newborns can barely see beyond their own noses – which makes for some of those adorable scrunched-up scowls they give you before their vision starts to sharpen.

To give you a realistic ‘baby’s eye view’ VISION DIRECT have created a nifty tool that replicates what your little one sees at different stages, up to the age of one. Just enter the age of your child, and the Baby Sight Tool shows you exactly what they can and can’t see, giving you a better understanding of what will stimulate their senses.

For example, newborns can only see in blurry black and white, while a two-month old will see only bright primary shades. Their vision and depth and colour perception improves over the following months, until becoming as clear as an adult’s around 11 months.

Try it for yourself, but clicking the image, below.

Baby Sight

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  1. Love your photo, What a great post for Mums with babies as this would have really been interesting to me when my Daughter was born. I knew roughly about their eyesite and what they could see, but never seen it before.

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