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When I choose to work with people it’s for several reasons.

Sometimes it’s simply because I love the brand and their products, or it’s a campaign that sounds like fun for me and the girls. Other times it’s because I feel passionately about what they stand for  – and that’s why I’m so excited to announce Mummy’s Little Monkey is taking the ‘No Junk Journey’ with Organix.

I’m a 70’s child – the generation when nutritious home-cooked meals gave way to greasy takeaways, food additives and sugar – lots of sugar. We thought we were simply evolving our meals, but increasing rates of obesity and diet-related diseases have proved just how unhealthy we’ve become .

Now, shocking research carried out by Organix has revealed we’ve strayed so far off the right eating path that people can’t even identify what healthy foods are anymore.

I’m the first to admit my diet is far from perfect; I have a lifetime of misinformation and bad eating advice to undo. But my girls are a clean slate. I want to ensure they have the best possible start, and also that they understand why they should be eating natural, healthy foods so they make informed choices when they’re out from under my watchful eye.

The more I educate myself about nutrition the more horrified I become at what we blindly children to eat – some of it under the guise of ‘healthy’ foods which, in reality, are anything but.

One of the main findings of the ORGANIX ENGINEERING TASTE report was that children are becoming so used to foods that have been created they actually prefer the unnatural tastes and flavours to ‘real’ foods. For example, a child is only given synthetic, over-sweetened apple juice from a carton. Their tastebuds adjust to this flavour, so that freshly squeezed apple juice tastes ‘wrong’ to them – when it really should be the other way around.

This is one of the reasons I’m such a big fan of Organix – although its often marketed at babies and toddlers, this is the only brand of crisps my girls – aged five and seven – are given to eat. They’re natural, healthy, and the girls LOVE them, so why on earth would I even give them the option of the oil, additive and salt-laden versions most of their friends eat?

What shocks me the most is the abundance of sugar we (intentionally AND unintentionally) give our children. Besides the fact refined sugar is just plain bad for you, the danger in feeding kids sugar-loaded products is that, again, it’s just not how real food tastes.

And the really crazy part is most food is delicious without sugar, but we’ve become so used to having it in everything, that it can sometimes taste weird without it – how many times have you tried the low-sugar version of a food or dish and thought, ‘Eurgh, not sweet enough’? Fruits are full of lovely, natural fructose; why on earth do we need heap more sugar on to it (think: tinned fruit in sugary syrup, icing sugar on strawberries)?

Modern packaging can be confusing and misleading too: ‘No added sugar’ doesn’t mean no sugar; 100% chicken breast doesn’t mean that nugget you’re about to serve up is pure chicken – rather it means the 51% of meat that is mixed with 49% of breadcrumbs to create the nugget, is made entirely of chicken breast. Not really the same thing, is it? 

This is exactly why Organix are leading a real food revolution. They want to see a return to genuinely natural tastes and flavours, so that our children, and future generations, will benefit. I hope you’ll keep reading as we ‘keep it real’ on our Organix No Junk Journey.


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  1. We are also huge supporters of Organix and their #NoJunkJourney, have been for many years. Such a fab campaign they are doing for our kids!
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