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Lil Sis gets is a total wardrobe diva. You know the kinda gal I mean – the one who’s wearing a completely different outfit every time you look up, and spends hours staring themselves in the mirror, twirling this way and that.

She drives me mad with her constant whirlwind of clothes changes, and the inevitable trail of discarded duds, but I also love seeing the buzz she gets from dressing up. If it shines, sparkles or glows she’s all over it, so I just knew she’d adore these CLARKS glitter shoes for kids. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

Glitter shoes for kids close up

Just as I predicted, her eyes lit up as soon as she saw the hi-top sneakers. ‘Can I put them on now, pleeeeeeease?!’ She then proceeded to wear the sneakers until I prised them off her feet at bedtime. It’s safe to say they were a sparkly success.

The girls have grown up with Clarks shoes. I’m usually a ‘buy online’ type of person, but with kids’ shoes it’s important that they’re exactly the right size and fit to support and cushion those delicate foot bones as they grow. They were both fitted for their first walking shoes in store, and we’ve gone back each season since to re-measure those expanding tootsies.

Thanks, Clarks, for helping us put our best (and funkiest) foot forward!

• these glitter shoes for kids were provided for the purpose of review – this exact boot is no longer available, but you can search the current range for similar styles. 



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