My Scooter Girls have been whizzing about almost as long as they’ve been walking.

They regularly terrify me with the supersonic speeds they reach, their cavalier attitude to things such as stopping when they reach a main road, and their tendency to career towards each other like they’re playing a pint-sized game of scooter chicken.

Up until now they’ve used basic micro-scooters, but since they keep doing that pesky growing thing I’m going to need to upgrade them soon to bigger ones with adjustable handlebars. AKA: Stunt Scooters.

Just the name is enough to strike fear in a mother’s heart, but kids will be kids. I remember doing all kinds of tricks at their age – bicycle jumps and wheelies, speed skating, cycling with no hands (I also remember breaking my arm three times, but we won’t focus too much on that part…).

Still, I think I might be stocking up on helmets and knee pads before I show them these Scooter Tips and Tricks, from HALFORDS:

Scooter infographic

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  1. Scooters are brilliant fun, we all have one in our family, me and Hubby included. I might just have to give a few of these a try next time we are at the skate park 🙂
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