HEART OF GLASS – our 2016 home improvement wish list

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You might remember me bleating on telling you about the home renovations we’ve been planning since the day we moved into our home, five years ago.

We bought our house from an elderly lady, so it was pretty run down when we first looked at it. It was dark and dingy, and little had changed since it was built in the late 1960’s, but we saw past the stained carpet and the grimy windows and saw its potential.

Before we moved in we essentially ripped out the inside and started from scratch. We reconfigured all the bedrooms to make better use of the floor space, then tore out the old galley-style kitchen and pokey dining room to create a modern open plan kitchen diner.

We got a good start, but then the money evaporated and the works ground to a halt. We had a three-month-old and a two-year-old at the time, so it was actually a relief to stop living on a building site. But now the girls are both at school and we’re in desperate need of more space, and I can’t wait to complete the project we began all those years earlier.

One of the first things we’re planning to do is extend out the back of the house, and into the space currently being taken up by the old leaky garage.

I love the classic, romantic old conservatories that you find on period properties – I always imagine them filled with asparagus ferns and Victorian ladies sipping cups of tea – but our home is from the wrong era and wouldn’t suit that style.

We’ll be looking at more contemporary orangeries, or – my first choice – one of the ultra-modern glass extensions.  These are more like atriums, where natural light pours in all year round. The glass panes have thermo insulation to keep the space warm in winter. In summer you can slide open the panes and open the space right up, which reminds me of the outdoor living we love back in New Zealand.

Not only would we get more light and living space, but the architectural glass would modernise the entire house, adding interest and elegance.

Which style do you prefer? 

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