Hello everybody, my name is Jacqui and I’m a photoholic. I’m not joking. My idea of a perfect evening used to be sorting through hundreds of shots, and filing them into albums in chronological order, reliving each moment as I went.

The arrival of the girls fuelled my obsession, but also created quite the catch-22 – here I was, taking more photos and videos than ever of my little darlings, but I had zero time to actually do anything with them. They were either trapped on my computer or, if I managed to print the pics off they sat piled in a cardboard box because I didn’t have a spare second to collate them properly.

Facebook became my substitute photo album, and a way to show off the girls’ photos to Nana and Grandad back home in New Zealand, but that wasn’t ideal either. I was wary of turning into one of ‘those’ parents who plasters their children across their timeline. Let’s be real; the only people who really want to see endless shots of my kids – cute as they may be – are my immediate family.

Yes, there are filters you can set, but it’s all just a bit of a faff. Plus, there’s no quick, easy way for me to dip back into these digital albums if I fancy a bit of a wander down memory lane. It turns out I wasn’t the only person facing this dilemma of modern photo taking.

Nick Babaian, one of the team responsible for creating Skype (you may have heard of it?), faced a similar problem after his nephew Leo was born. Feeling out of the loop as the little boy grew up, he decided to do something about it. He teamed up with some equally talented engineers, developers and web designers, and LIFECAKE was born.

Lifecake differs from other online photo and video libraries in that it’s specifically designed to create a natural and totally safe timeline of your child’s life. Accessed via mobile app or web platform, it’s super quick to upload your media, and so simple to share with family and friends. It’s also perfectly integrated with Facebook and Instagram, making light work of sharing your pics and videos across different platforms.

The software automatically puts your photos and videos in chronological order, and a handy slider (see the screenshot, above) allows you to quickly and smoothly peruse them according to the date. No more scrolling through thousands of tiny thumbnails, trying to find the image you want (oh, the hours I’ve wasted doing just that!).

Earlier this year Lifecake was acquired by photography giant, Canon, who’ve committed to creating a functional, user-friendly site, encompassing the very best in mobile and imaging technology.

You can already order photo books directly from your collection, and soon you’ll be able to download individual photos and videos – perfect for long-distance grandparents to watch or print out from their end.

Lifecake’s apps and website access are totally free; there’s no advertising and your details will never be sold on. Instead, they offer a premium version of the service for an annual fee of £27 – that’s just £2.25 per month – to safely preserve unlimited amounts of your content, forever. If you ever decide you want to cancel your service, an upcoming function will allow you to download the entire library to your computer.

If – like me – you have relatives in far-flung places, then prepare the tissues for this lovely little film, created by the Lifecake gang, will be sure to tug on those heartstrings: ME AND MY BEAR.

Big Sis never grew overly attached to just one soft toy, but Lil Sis had her heart stolen by a fuzzy friend two-and-a-half years ago. Lulah is a New Zealand sheep sent by her Great-Aunt for her third birthday, and she’s been surgically attached to her ever since (as I type, Lulah is at school for Show and Tell).

To further celebrate the launch of Lifecake, the team are also running a lovely competition called #MeandMyBear where you could win a three-night stay at the fantastic Port Lympne Reserve, or one of five fabulous runner up prizes, including family days out and Canon Powershot G7 X cameras. To enter, all you have to do is upload a picture of you with your childhood toy (or your child’s toy) on Facebook here, or simply share your pic on Instagram or Twitter tagging @Lifecake and using the hashtag #MeAndMyBear. Here’s ours:

lifecake lulah

Full competition details can be viewed here:; you can download Lifecake via the App Store: or Google Play:

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