When I told the girls we were heading into London for a Minions party, they were beside themselves with excitement. Little did they know I had an even bigger surprise in store…

We arrived at the plush Soho Hotel to be greeted by a delicious brekkie spread. Big Sis wasted no time loading up her plate with bacon rolls, while Lil Sis headed straight to the body painting to get Minion tatted up.

minions body paint

minions body paint

A few minutes later we were beckoned outside…

The girls followed, confused looks on their faces, as we were led into a darkened theatre. Inside stood Stuart, Kevin and Bob in all their yellow, goggle-wearing glory. They shuffled shyly over, serving up high fives to their rounded new friends, before posing for pics.

me + girls + minions


We returned to the party room on a Minion high for some arts and crafts and a catch up with the other mums, before heading back to the theatre for the UK premiere of three new mini movies – a sneak peek before they’re officially released with the Minions movie this Monday.

girls in movie theatre
minions theatre

The girls loved the new movies, and were chuffed to receive a bag of Minions goodies…

N + minions glasses

L + minions glasses

… an improvement, don’t you think?! Thank you so much to the Universal team for inviting us along to the Minion movie dvd release party, and making us feel so welcome. #TeamYellow

• Minions is available on 3D, Blu-Ray™ & DVD from November 16, with 3 new mini-movies




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