TOP 10 HOME APPLIANCES (my wish list)

Top10 Home Appliance wish list



I love a good gadget – if it makes life prettier, easier or more fun, then it’s going straight on my wish list.

But if I had to select my ‘Top 10 Home Appliances’, it would be these ones snazzy examples above. And here’s why…

Clockwise, from top L:

• A Tefal Actifry: this looks a bit like the Starship Enterprise, but it’s actually a super healthy way to cook your favourite french fries without all the naughty fat and grease. Just one spoonful of oil and your on your way to deliciously crispy, guilt-free chips.

• I love this Sony Ultra HD curved television so much it hurts. And since OH and I don’t have a social life any more, and X-Factor is pretty much the highlight of our week, month, year, lives, it’s one extravagance that would definitely earn its keep.

• ADORE this Arrow table lamp from Sure, it doesn’t really do anything useful, but damn it looks cool!

• I’ve made no secret of my coffee addiction. I’m completely loyal to my Dolce Gusto machine, but a girl can still look, right? And this Jura Giga 5 coffee maker is fooooine! Which it should be, with a price tag of £3,950 *gulp*.

• Erm, how amazing is this? If you can’t tell, it’s actually a Dyson bladeless fan heater. At just shy of £400 it’s not something I’ll be getting my hands on anytime soon but, hey, this is a wish list after all!

• Another amazing table lamp from Because it’s just. So. Cool.

• An Apple Watch. Because, well, it’s an Apple Watch. It does all the cool tricks your iPhone can do, plus loads of other stuff, like monitor your health and activity rate. Oh, and it tells the time.

• We’ve actually got a smaller version of this Sonos wireless hifi speaker system, and the sound is unbelievable – in summer time we throw open the folding-sliding doors and the music fills the entire back garden. Imagine the parties we could have with this bigger, newer version!

• The Hoover Unplugged cordless vacuum cleaner. One of the things I hate about vacuuming is dragging the cleaner up and down the stairs – all that plugging, unplugging, and plugging again. Bleurgh. Straight in the too-hard basket. But this simple, light and easy to use, and there’s no compromise on power.

• Last, but not least, this Cuisinart Griddle and Grill: you can make paninis, pancakes, sausages… even grilled vegetables. If only it also did the dishes afterwards, it would be pure perfection.

So…. what would be on your home appliance wish list? 

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  1. I love everything you have chosen….I would love a curved TV too. We saw them a while ago in an electrical shop and usually I am not impressed with things like TV’s but this one I was 😀

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