SCHOOL RUN FASHION (with CollectPlus)

School-Run Fashion


How much time do you spend getting ready for the school run?

When the girls were younger I was lucky to get 10 minutes to dry my hair, get dressed and slap some make up on my sleep-deprived face. Now I have the pure luxury of 20 whole minutes, slotted in after waking the girls up, pouring their cereal, packing their lunches, and instructing them (in increasingly shouty tones) to ‘hurry up and get dressed!’.

According to a recent survey carried out by COLLECTPLUS, one-in-five Mums wanted to impress staff and parents for the first day back at school, some even getting up half an hour earlier than usual for preparations, including styling their hair, painting their nails and applying fake tan. Wow. Can you imagine having that much time?!

The research also revealed that London mums spent £133.25 on the outfit they wore to drop the littlies off – four times the national average. All of which has made me realise… the school run style struggle is real.

Perfect timing for CollectPlus to step up to the fashion plate. ‘How would you like to shop a new school run outfit, and try our click and collect service?’ ‘Hmmmm, let me think about that for a… YES! OF COURSE I WOULD!’

If you’re not already familiar with CollectPlus, they offer a handy alternative to home delivery or store pick up. With so much internet shopping carried out these days, actually getting your hands on those clothes can sometimes be awkward.

When you’re juggling kids/work/life it can be hard to make it to a physical store (hence the reason why you’re shopping online in the first place!) and Murphy’s Law means that – despite waiting at home all day – your parcel will ALWAYS arrive when you’ve rushed out to pick the kids up.

CollectPlus allows you to have your goodies delivered to the collection point of your choice. So you can select one that’s on the school route; grab the kids, grab the parcel; sorted. 

The first step is to select where you want to shop. Tere are more than 70 top stores to choose from, but I chose House of Fraser as it gave me the choice of lots of different labels. I fell instantly in love with this amazing Oasis peacoat (right, and below).

The perfect cover up for the ‘in-between’ weather of Autumn, this is comfy, warm enough to ward off the increasing chill, yet still super stylish. Throw it over blue jeans and Chelsea boots for the school gates, then swap for leather knee boots for a city brunch with the girls.

school run fashion

The trick to perfecting your school run style is to find that right balance of relaxed fashion. I selected a pair of Oasis Jade jeans (middle) because they’re made from super-soft denim; the stretchy, lightweight material meant they looked as smart as jeans, yet were as comfortable as tights.

Next I added this soft jersey knit (top, R). The slouchy cut made it the perfect morning ‘throw on’ look, while the chiffon under-layer gave it a casual chic feel. Teamed with brown ankle boots (which I already had), I had my perfect school run uniform.

Just before I finished up I couldn’t resist adding this slightly dressier Mango Bow Neck Shirt (bottom, L); teamed with leggings and knee boots and I had the perfect outfit for those mornings when I rushed straight to client meetings.

On checking out I selected UK and Ireland Collection, then the Collect+ option, at £3.50. When I entered our postcode I discovered there was a pick-up point just up the road from us.

I received a handy text message as soon as my order was ready: on the way to pick up the girls I popped in, showed the shopkeeper my reference number and ID, and the parcel was in my hands within minutes. It really was as simple as that, and – best of all – the whole process felt totally under my control.

So… what do you think of my ‘school uniform’? Would you find the CollectPlus service useful too? 

• some items of my online shopping were gifted for the purpose of trialling the CollectPlus service

• I joined up with Brilliant Blog Posts


  1. Haha I’m still in the 10 min stage of getting myself ready. Sometimes I have to go to school with wet hair (and a hoarse voice from shouting), occasionally I hide said wet hair under a hat!! 20 mins now that’s a luxury!!!

    • Be honest now… are you one of those ‘Pyjama bottoms under your coat’ people?! 😉 x

  2. Love the outfit you’ve put together! My favourite is the black shirt 🙂 I’ve just bought a similar one from Zara!

    Laura | What’s Hot?

    • Gorgeous, isn’t it? I don’t get many chances to dress up these days, so it’s quite the novelty when I do! x

  3. I’m one of those ‘If it is clean, throw it on’
    I don’t dress up for much if I am honest. Sometimes if I am feeling fruity, I will slap a bit of make up on (I know right? A beauty blogger who doesn’t wear it every day haha)
    I do love that coat though, I’m looking for one like this

    • Hahaha! If any Mum tells you they’ve never gone laundry basket diving in the morning, they’re LYING!! 😉 x

  4. I love love love those boots!

    I can’t imagine putting that much time into what I’m wearing for the school run. Just getting there on time is aminor victory!

    • Haha! I must admit that given the choice between properly styling my hair and getting 15 minutes more sleep, sleep will always win out. The boots are gorgeous, aren’t they? x

  5. Wow I had no idea that people thought and spent so much on their school run outfit – amazing! x

    • Before kids I used to spend an hour getting ready in the morning. AN HOUR!!! So hard to imagine having all that spare time now… x

  6. Love the black blouse and the boots!
    Sounds like a great service.
    I have recently started writing school run fashion posts on my blog. I was feeling so mumsy and dowdy and had spent the best part of six years wearing maternity and breast-feeding clothes with my three children. It was so lovely to put some thought into what I was wearing – nothing overly fashionable or expensive, but just stylish clothes that make you feel good about yourself but are practical for when you have children too. #brilliantblogposts

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head Cathryn! When the kids are really young there’s just no time or inclination to faff about with wardrobe/hair/make up, etc, but I must admit I’ve really enjoyed ‘reclaiming’ myself now they’re a bit older. x

  7. I love the coat, it would look stylish in any situation.

    • It’s so versatile, isn’t it Teresa? You can dress it up or down, which is why I love it so much! x

  8. I thankfully have a few years off from the school run (my children are 14, 12 and 1), but I remember the struggle to find something to wear and to try not to look like I’d just rolled out of bed. I most likely had, but I love the fall looks right now and they look simple even for a fashion novice like me to pull off. Thank you x

    • I try to pass off my hair as ‘artfully tousled’ when in actual fact I’ve run out of time to do anything with it, haha! PS: what’s your secret, please? You barely look old enough to have a one-year-old, let alone a 14-year-old!! x

  9. Loving this. The boots are ace, and the coat is so pretty.

    • The coat is sooooooo gorgeous! In fact, I’m debuting it at lunchtime today, as it’s nice and dry today (have had to wear raincoat last few days). Excited face! x

  10. When I wasn’t working I used to dress pretty casually but now I drop G off on my way to work I’m usually in work wear. I seriously love the coat and boots, this sounds like a convenient service to use. X

    • There’s just something about dressing smartly that gives you a bit of a confidence boost, isn’t there Cathy? x

  11. I love the black pussy bow blouse and the tan boots, I have been looking for a pair for ages! Great list x

  12. I don’t do the school run, but trying to dress myself with bleary eyes after being up with a toddler for a few hours is hard work lol. Sometimes my clothing definitely takes a hit! What a great service this is. x

    • I’m not sure if I even brushed my hair for the first three years of motherhood, haha! x

  13. For situations like this a good show stopping coat and shoes is all you need! They will cover the horrendous stained t-shirt and the socks with the holes in that we just didn’t have time to change! Those jeans look so comfy though! I’ll have to get myself some of those – and maybe try out the collect plus system in the process! #brilliantblogposts

  14. I am still shocked by how expensive school uniforms are, when I see my friends buying blazers and so, the cost is shocking x

  15. I love everything you’ve picked out there, they’re exactly the kind of thing I love to wear 🙂

  16. I don’t have to deal with the school run yet, but I am probably going to be running around like a headless chicken just to get there on time.
    I love the outfit you have picked, gorgeous

  17. I’ve not got to this stage yet as my little one is only 15 months old!

    I love the outfit you’ve put together. I’m obsessed with Chelsea boots at the moment so they are my favourite from your list.

    Laura x

  18. I don’t do school runs yet, but I love the idea of CollectPlus. Looking fashionable isn’t just a school run topic, it starts at kindergarten. I really love the Oasis coat, too bad I already have my winter coat for this year.

  19. Love your choices but the idea of stressing getting dressed for the school run I just don’t understand at all. I home educate two of mine now so school runs are a distant memory.

  20. I’m very much get ready in 10 minutes school run mum but I love the choices here

  21. I must admit my school run style (read day to day uniform) is decidedly lacking in style at the moment but it’s something I’m working on!

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