PUDDLE JUMPING (blackfox waterproof wellies)

Blackfox Cheyenne boots

I’m Kiwi-born, so UGGs are practically glued to my feet from Autumn to Spring. They’re just so darn warm and comfy it’s like wearing your favourite pair of slippers all the time.

But there has always been one downside to my favourite furry footwear – they’re not waterproof; if they get wet they get cold, which totally negates the toastiness that makes them so special in the first place.

Dilemma? Not any more! 

Behold, the Blackfox waterproof Cheyenne boots from CUCKOOLAND. They look just like my favourite Antipodean staples, with a thick faux fur fleece thermal lining and a fully waterproof brushed PVC exterior that gives the appearance of sheepskin. Yet they’re welllies, so those tootsies will stay completely dry in the rain.

Big Sis tried out a dark-brown pair, putting them to the test on our muddy village green. Not only did they look great but they kept her feet warm and dry, even during some serious leaf kicking action.

Blackfox Cheyenne boots

They’ll also be ideal for wintery mornings; Big Sis can wear these into school, so her leather shoes don’t get wet in the puddles and slush, then change when she’s safely inside. Sorted. 

Blackfox Cheyenne winter boots come in kids’ beige and brown: (£24.95), and women’s beige, brown and grey: (£34.95). 

• our kids’ boot were provided for the purpose of review

Blackfox Cheyenne boots

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