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Courage & Kind close up

‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,’ Walt Disney

I’m quite particular what I put the girls in. I’m not much for frills and flounce, but I do think that kids should look like kids. I want cute, but still classy, which can be a surprisingly tricky balance to achieve.

I was utterly enchanted by the label COURAGE & KIND, which takes inspiration from our favourite cartoons and fairytales to create a wonderfully whimsical children’s clothing range, all beautifully crafted designs made from quality fabrics.

We were sent a few items from their new Bambi collection, and instantly fell under their spell. The girls were thrilled, admiring each piece with shining eyes and squeals of excitement; Lil Sis gravitated to this grey marl cotton/polyester sweatshirt with its gorgeous Disney design (above), while Big Sis was enamoured with this beautiful shell-pink t-shirt (below).

Courage & Kind Bambi t-shirt

I had a real ‘Awwww’ moment looking at the beautiful illustrations of Bambi, Thumper and Flower; there’s just something so sweet about the fact my daughters are now falling in love with the same characters I also adored as a child.

It’s also really clever how Courage & Kind have taken these timeless movie memories and created fresh, fun, contemporary kids’ fashion. They’ve sprinkled their newest range with a  BIG dose of magic Disney dust. Gorgeous!

• clothing gifted for the purpose of review

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  1. Those are lovely. Going to check them out x

  2. I was the same when my daughter was little, love these though, unfortunately my daughter is at that age where she knows what she wants and likes

  3. Ahhh I love bambi!!! That sweater is awesome, I’d probably wear it myself!!

  4. Oh what some adorable clothes, I have to admit I love Bambi. x

  5. These are so cute! I am going to get something for my niece.

  6. I dont think I would do frills or flounce either, but I might for Bambi x

  7. Oh…..too cute. I love it. My little ones would love these too!!

  8. What lovely clothes – I love anything sprinkled with Disney! Kaz x

  9. Bambi is so cute I love the clothing range that you have pictured here. Great post

  10. These clothes look lovely. Proper kids clothes that they can play in without any worries while still looking incredibly cute. Pity that Bambi t-shirt doesn’t come in adult sizes.

  11. I agree with you in kids looking like KIDS. They grow too fast, let’s enjoy dressing them up in cute outfits.

  12. Gorgeous designs, especially the bambi one. So pretty! xxx

  13. I was walking through the hospital with Bob a couple of months ago and I heard a lady comment to her friend about how it was lovely to see a little girl dressed like a little girl for a change. I was quite proud of this. I too am not one for frills but I do love classic looks. x

  14. What a lovely clothing range! So cute and I would have loved these as a little girl myself!

  15. The bambi top is so sweet – I can really see my 6yo daughter Heidi wearing it x

  16. I completely agree – I want kids to look like kids! This t-shirt looks so sweet, my daughter would love it!

  17. Awww such a cute photo of your little girl, and I just love the top she’s wearing. Bambi ia super cute x

  18. What a gorgeous outfit! I love that grey sweatshirt, it’s so pretty 🙂

  19. I absolutely love that Walt Disney quote, it is one of my favourites of all time! Now if only that Bambi top came in adult sizes.

  20. Why can’t they do these sort of clothes for adults?! I would be all over if for myself.

  21. What a lovely concept, I adore the sound of this range. Totally second the idea of doing an adult line too! x

  22. Definitely worth a plug in my opinion are these guys:

    Toughest thing in my opinion to find for my 9yr old daughter is good quality underwear that bridges the gap between playfulness and functionality (most brands go to pieces after a few weeks)

    Thanks for the good post and check those guys out – especially given the euro at the moment

    M x

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