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So we reached two massive milestones this week; the first full week of junior school for Big Sis, and the first full week of reception class for Lil Sis.

I think I coped pretty well with the unavoidable reality that my babies are growing up; just a teensy self-indulgent sniffle when I saw Lil Sis’ uniform hanging up the night before, and a fleeting worst-case-scenario thought of her standing all alone in the playground.

Of course I needn’t have worried – they both bounded out of class afterwards, waving merrily. ‘Best day of my LIFE!’ Big Sis announced.

I was so pleased and relieved I didn’t even take offence to the fact that the best day of her life was one spent entirely away from me. Hmmmm. 

We do things a little differently in New Zealand – you don’t start school until the term after your fifth birthday, and most commonly you’ll go to primary school up until the age of 10, then intermediate school from 11 and 12, before moving on to college, from 13 until 17-ish.

I find it fascinating how different countries have different approached to schooling; when we were in Indonesia recently I discovered Balinese students attend from 7am until 12 noon, so they escape the worst of the afternoon heat, but also go to school on Saturdays to make up the extra time.

Popular footwear retailer BRANTANO recently did some research on this very subject and also turned up some interesting results, which you can see in its full glory in the infographic below. For example, South Korea was the world’s top educational performer in 2014, yet children there don’t start school until 6 years old, and they only attend for a total of 632 hours each year; thats 229 LESS hours than UK students! Go figure.

Did your little ones start a new school this week? How did they fare? 

• collaborative post; photo courtesy of shutterstock (education background concept with copy space, back to school) 

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  1. Glad your girls had a good start of the year. Olivia has started nursery, and stays for the whole day, so both full time at school. I had a few tears, but she is so pleased. Unfortunately we have them in 2 different school as Isabelle did not get into any of our local schools, so a nightmare during school runs, always late 🙁 Some interesting info bythe way!

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