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sensu smile

Isn’t it ironic how you always want what you don’t have? My list is a mile long – long eyelashes, olive skin, perfectly arched eyebrows, and – top of the list – a straight Hollywood smile.

I actually had braces as a teenager for about a year and a half; they made a big difference, but then I made my orthodontist take them off early because I didn’t want to wear them to my senior prom and they ended up relapsing. Nowhere near as bad as they had been, but enough to make me self conscious and to kick myself ever since for putting short-term vanity over long-term benefits.

Things have changed massively since the days of my silver metal ‘railway track’ braces, there’s a range of options available to fix those crooked grins, from regular fixed braces, to ones that are fitted behind the teeth, to clear plastic aligners that are almost invisible when you smile.

My dream for a perfect smile was indefinitely put on hold while the girls were young, but checking out all the options on the SENSU cosmetic dentistry website has made me realise it’s still a real possibility. In addition to all the different orthodontic options, which – depending on your individual case – can range from a few months to two years, the Sensu clinic in central London also offers finance options that enable you to spread the payments.

• commissioned post; photo courtesy of Shutterstock (healthy woman teeth and smile)



  1. You could also visit a normal dentist. Many of them offer various orthodontic treatments like SixMonthsSmile. I know as I’m married to a dentist.

  2. I have never checked your teeth, will need to focus on them next time I see you. ha ha ha. I am sure they are lovely!

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