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In New Zealand we’re a nation of water babies – you’re never too far from a beautiful beach for swimming, boating, waterskiing and diving, and the warmer climate means many families also have pools in their back gardens. Water safety is something that’s drummed into us from a young age, but the fact remains – were there’s water, there’s risk, especially for young children.

When we were in Bali recently our villa had its own swimming pool (I know, amazing, right?), and I knew we’d be visiting some of the stunning local beaches. We’d enrolled them in swimming lessons a couple of months before we left, so they had the basic skills to stay afloat and get themselves back to the side of the pool if they did accidentally fall in, but because it was an open pool that lead directly on to our al fresco living area, I was still a bit concerned. We would never let them in the pool without one (usually both) of us watching them, but what if they accidentally fell in, or decided to take a dip without telling us?

By coincidence, I was contacted by the creators of the iSWIMBAND, a drowning detector that can be clipped to your child’s goggles, or worn as a head band. This is NOT a replacement for adult supervision – and is very clearly marked as such – rather it provides an additional layer of safety for children. This bluetooth activated device is paired to your iOS device and if your child is under water too long, an alarm sounds. You can also set one of the bands up for non-swimmer, which instantly alerts you if the wearer becomes submerged.

I found it really simple to set up the iSwimband and pair with my iPhone, then chose to clip it to the girls’ goggles. They splashed about the pool all afternoon, and the devices stayed secure. When they jumped into the shower I tested it out by holding it under water – after the set time had elapsed (you can choose how long, from 10- 60 seconds) a klaxon style alarm began to peal from my phone.

As mentioned, this is be used alongside – never instead of – adult supervision. I can see this being particularly useful for older children swimming in crowded beaches, rivers or public pools, when it’s harder to keep a constant eye on them. The iSwimband just adds that extra layer of safety for children, and added peace of mind for parents.

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  1. Ooh this sounds really good! I agree that it doesn’t replace adult supervision but it’s a fantastic back up for parents of new swimmers who might be watching two children at once or have a child with special needs… would love to try this.

  2. It’s just that extra safety layer, isn’t it? I definitely felt more reassured (though no less vigilant!). x

  3. This sounds like a really great idea – it’s amazing how tech can be used in all sorts of ways, even as an extra layer of safety like this.

    • You’d never have imagined all these applications when apps first came out, would you? x

  4. What an amazing gadget. My son at this age would never be left alone near water but as they get older you can’t be as stringent, so a device like this would certainly give parents a bit more confidence allowing their children to swim without necessarily being in the water with them (but still within distance).

    • Exactly. What worried me in Bali was that the pool was open (not fenced off from our main living area). We were always there with them, but I just didn’t want to leave any room for accidents to happen. x

  5. I would hope that if your child isn’t all that confident in water you would be with them rather than looking on your phone to make sure x

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for your comment. You don’t actually have to look at the phone – it sounds an alarm if the sensor gets submerged. Obviously it’s not a replacement for adult supervision and the manufacturers make that very clear, but in situations like crowded public pools – where you could quite easily lose sight of your child – it’s another layer of safety. x

  6. I think this sounds great as an extra safety precaution, obviously I wouldn’t stop watching my daughter anyway through fear of her drowning.

    • Absolutely! We never left the girls alone while they were near the water, but I can definitely see how this would be really useful for crowded pools. It also sounds an alert when your child goes out of range of your phone, so it’s handy for that aspect too. x

  7. This sounds like a great device to go alongside supervision, I’ll have to see if I can get hold of one.

  8. What a great sounding device – I can imagine my parents would have found this very useful when I was a child. x

  9. Wow…..they really do have everything covered. Great idea!!

  10. This is an amazing device! My dad works for the RNLI and has told me some horror stories about accidents at sea. People don’t realise how unsafe water can be x

    • Yes! And also how quickly a child can get into trouble. You can be as vigilant as humanly possible, but there are going to be those heart dropping moments when your child goes out of view – especially in crowded places (I’m talking older children, obviously, not younger ones where you’re stuck by their side like glue!). x

  11. Like you say, you can’t beat adult supervision, but this gadget sounds like it adds that extra security layer parents would appreciate.

  12. This sounds like such a fantastic idea….It sounds very useful x

  13. This sounds like something I will be needing before too long. Anything to make sure our little ones stay safe in and around water. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. What a great idea. That the thing I like the extra safety which would help me feel reassured.

  15. That sounds like a great sounding device, it is wonderful how far technology has come

  16. What a great gadget – technology is amazing. It is just extra security for parents. Kaz x

  17. what a great idea, definitely a good idea for older children, better safe than sorry

  18. What a great idea! I’ve never heard of these before but they sound very useful – especially, as you said, if you’re in a busy area xxx

  19. Wow, this sounds very interesting, could do with this for Olivia. She loves being in water but cannot swim yet. Bali??? Lucky you. How have i missed this big holiday news???

    • OMG girlfriend! How did you miss the Bali news?! You must have been distracted with all that gallivanting in Czech… 😉

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