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Photography has been a passion of mine since I was 16. I learned on a good old-fashioned film camera, and used to develop the negatives and the prints in a dark room. How things have changed!

I didn’t have much chance to indulge when the girls were young, so it’s something I’ve really relished returning to now I have a bit more ‘me-time’. I always found it cumbersome to carry all the gear I needed though, with my usual handbag and the DSLR in a separate camera bag.

I tried carrying the camera in my handbag but it moved around too much – often the lens cap would get knocked off, and I worried it would get damaged. Not to mention the fact camera bags aren’t the prettiest of things – chunky polyester monstrosities with ugly plastic clips. *shudders* 

But now there’s a super stylish alternative: the £150 Hampton, designed by MOOLI LONDON is a camera bag that’s both fashionable and functional.

Made from waterproof, vegan-friendly materials, from the outside it looks like a designer handbag and comes in three classic colours – black, brown and postbox red. Inside, however, it is just like traditional camera bags, with adjustable compartments to hold your DSLR, extra lenses, and flash gun, and plenty of built-in pockets to carry all those other daily essentials – phone, keys, wallet, diary. You can even remove the dividers (which are held in place with velcro strips) to fit a 13″ laptop.

The Hampton was the brainchild of travel photographer and entrepreneur Beccy Lee, who identified a need for a bag that amalgamated beauty and practicality at an affordable price. She worked with a product designer to create the bag, and put it into production in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Today the range has some exciting new additions, including a £250 limited-edition leather version of the Hampton; coming soon are the £200 CHELSEA, and the £250 KENSINGTON camera bags.

The perfect blend of fashion, style and function. 

• my Mooli was provided for review



  1. OMG! I LOVE this bag – practical, beautiful and did I say beautiful? lol! I love the colour too 🙂


  2. I also love photography. This bag seems perfect for carrying a camera.

  3. This is a beautiful bag, love the colour and as you say it’s perfect for someone who wants a fashionable camera bag. Definitely one for the Christmas list.

    • It really is the perfect Xmas or birthday gift – I wouldn’t mind finding one under the Christmas tree (hint hint to the OH!). x

  4. What a really beautiful bag for carrying your camera around in x

  5. I have been coveting this bag for a few weeks now. Wondering how many places I cam put the picture to get it into Hubbys subconscious!

    • Many, many places, dear Sabina! Don’t forget to mention – often – how he’d get it for 25% off if he bought it in the Kickstarter phase… 😉

  6. OMG I love this idea! I am always lugging loads of bags around. I love the idea of combining my DSLR bag and handbag x

  7. Beautiful bag….Can’t believe it’s a camera bag. I’d love to have a super super camera.

  8. I love the look of this bag. Fantastic and I love the colour. I love the idea of it being a hidden camera bag too!

    • The colour is gorgeous, isn’t it? I’m not usually a big fan of red, but I just love, love, LOVE this! x

  9. You know, I have seen this on your instagram, and am in love with it. Goooorgeous red! By the way, when are you finally coming for a visit? Let’s sort it my neighbour!

    • I fall a little bit more in love with this every day, haha! I knoooooooow – we totally need to catch up, and soon! xx

  10. ooh that is so pretty x

  11. OMG I love the style and colour of that bag, it’s lovely!

    • The colour is my favourite thing about it, which is strange as I normally don’t like red at all! x

  12. That is gorgeous! I really wish I had that sort of money to spend on a camera bag. I too have the issue of the camera moving around too much as esp as my bag is also a baby bag too these days. x

    • You need a hand/camera/nappy bag! You’ve reminded me of all the guff you have to carry around when you have a baby – wipes, nappies, toys, bottles, purees… God, my bag used to weight a tonne!! x

  13. Omg – this is a camera bag!? It is absolutely gorgeous! I want one fr my Nikon too! Kaz x

  14. OMG! I need that bag. I have a huge DSL camera that is so difficult to carry around with me too and I usually ended up putting it in my tote bag, not very practical or ideal in fact. Thanks for the tips on getting it from kickstarter. I use that to buy almost everything! 🙂 #StreetStyleSunday

  15. Wow, I thought it was just a handbag to begin with!
    My camera does get knocked about in my bag, this is gorgeous, I wish I could afford it right now!
    X X

  16. Love it!! You can’t beat a good bag especially when it’s as gorgeous as this one!!

  17. Love it! Im not fan of red bags but this one is really pretty!

    • Same here Anna! I’ve never really liked red bags before, but am infatuated with this one! x

  18. This is stunning, I love the colour! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  19. OMG that bag is flipping gorgeous! I know what you mean about worrying about your camera when it’s just in your normal bag! I hate camera bags too x
    Thanks for sharing on #TriedTested this week x

  20. That’s so gorgeous, lovely design even if you don’t have a camera!

  21. Just a stunning bag and love that it can be used whether you have a camera or not, perfect for us snap happy bloggers. Love the red too. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday and #brilliantblogposts x

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