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When I was a kid I constantly had my nose stuck in a book.

OH was more of an ‘occasionally flick though a football magazine’ type of guy, so I had my fingers crossed the girls would follow in my footsteps. Not because it’s better to be one way or another, but because reading gave me so much as a child; knowledge, insight, and a chance to travel all around the world without even leaving my bedroom.

Big Sis wasn’t huge on books when she was younger but since she’s learned to read she’s found a real love for it, and I adore watching her plough through her school books. Lil Sis has always been the opposite, as soon as she could talk she was demanding that I read to her, and knew her favourites so well she’d ‘read’ the words out loud with me.

We’ve been lucky to review some fantastic titles over the last two years and have kept our growing collection in a pull-out drawer under the girls’ bunk bed. The lack of any decent book storage meant we had no other alternative, but it almost  seemed disrespectful to have them all jumbled up in one messy pile.

When we were giving the chance to try out the GLTC POTTER LIBRARY TABLE I knew this was our chance to finally show off all those lovely books. The table was simple to put together – I just had to attach the legs, and fill it with books. It was sturdy, and well made, and easily fit 30+ different titles of all sizes and thicknesses.

I loved the sleek, contemporary design; not only did the library table look gorgeous in the kids’ play area, but this book storage was contemporary and perfectly showed off all the titles – although none of them were actually new, the girls were buzzing around the books like they’d never seen them before.

We’re looking forward to MANY more hours of happy reading ahead.


• our GLTC library table was provided for review


  1. I love this library table, it’s great that you can see the covers, unlike a normal bookcase 🙂

    • That’s one of the things I love about it! It doesn’t just hold the books, it actually displays them too. xx

  2. Aww! This looks lovely…..What a fab idea x

    • Don’t tell anyone, but I get SUCH a nerdy thrill from seeing all the books nicely laid out, haha!! xx

  3. This is lovely! It would look perfect in my boys room. just shame about the high price x #TriedTested

    • Hey Sharon, yes, they’re not cheap, although I must say the quality is a LOT better than any other bookcase we’ve had in the past. xx

  4. Oh isn’t that beautiful, it reminds me of visiting the library as a child. We LOVE books!! Doesn’t Lil Sis look beautiful and sooooo grown up!! xx

    • I was just thinking the same about JB the other day; why do all our kids look so OLD all of a sudden?!? FYI: Lil Sis doesn’t normally lounge around the house in a black lace gown – she raided the dress-up box just before I took the pics, haha! xx

  5. This table is just awesome! Olivia loves her books, and the bookcase we have is not really suitable for her little hands, so when she takes some out the others just fall out. This would be perfect for her, plus would match out white furniture!

    • We’ve had several book cases/holders over the past 10 years and this is by far the best – so practical AND it looks really contemporary too. xx

  6. This is a fantastic idea. I love the way it is shows off that home library!

    • It really does take a messy pile of dog-eared books and make them look reasonably attractive; no mean feat! Plus, because the girls could properly see all the covers so discovered loads of old favourites they’d forgotten about. x

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