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I’m from New Zealand, so wool is pretty much part of my DNA. Many of my childhood memories are filled with hand-knitted woollen jumpers that itched like mad around your neck.

Luckily, those clever wool people have learned a lot over the past three decades, and this natural fibre is no longer the scratchy nightmare of yesteryear. In fact they’re often blended with luxury merino and super-soft cashmere, to make the snuggliest of knits.

Pure wool can be pricey so I’ve always relied on Mum to send me over some Kiwi knits each year, but now I’ve discovered the WOOLOVERS  site I can fulfil my wooly dreams at will. These days I’m not so much of a jumper girl (itchy necks, or not), but I do love me a cosy cardie.

Like these luscious CASHMERE & MERINO blend crew neck cardigans, which come in 29 colours, and cost just £33 each, or £60 for two. And if you’re thinking it’s the wrong time to buy wool, think again; because it’s a natural fibre wool is warm in winter, but cool in summer.

woolovers cardie

Those sheep sure are a clever bunch. 

• witten in collaboration with woolovers

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  1. Love a snuggly knit and bit of cashmere, gorgeous x

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