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I don’t get the chance to go to many events these days, but as soon as I got the invite to view the S/S15 MOONPIG COLLECTION I knew I had to go. Not only were we getting a sneak peek at their stunning new range in a swish London hotel, we were also going to be tea tasting, enjoying some nibbles AND getting a professional flower arranging demonstration.

I knew Moonpig did personalised cards and that – more recently – they’d introduced a flower delivery service too, but I had no idea how quite how extensive their gift range was until arriving at the Sky Bar of the Grange Holborn Hotel.

Set against the stunning London skyline, the Moonpig range was beautifully laid out. There were the quirky personalised cards, but also a huge selection of alternative gifts, from cakes and chocolates, to kids’ toys, to luscious beauty products.

But what impressed me the most were the gorgeous flowers.

moonpig collection freesias

I’m quite picky when it comes to bouquets, and always look for something fresh and different from the usual rose posies, and hand-tied tulips. Like this gorgeous luxury rose and freesia bouquet, given a vintage twist with delicate tree fern greenery.

Or (my absolute favourite) the bunch you can see in the top photo with white hydrangea, soft pink roses, and milky eucalyptus for a romantic 1920’s feel. They also have more contemporary options, like this bright bouquet of sunny yellow daffodils, jewel-coloured tulips, and vibrant purple irises.

moonpig collection brights

After admiring the blooms it was time for tea and a catch up with some of my FAV bloggers, including Uju from BABES ABOUT TOWN, Mirka from ALL BABY ADVICE, Anthea from BLUE BEAR WOOD, Liz from ME AND MY SHADOW, Nova from CHERISHED BY ME , and Hannah from MUDDLING ALONG MUMMY.

It was soooo nice to sit down over some delicious tea samples from the ENGLISH TEA SHOP and have a giggle and a good old natter; it made me realise how long it had been since I’d had a proper real-life bloggy meet up, and how much I missed it!

moonpig collection ETS

Next up was our flower arranging tutorial, where we were let loose on some of the beautiful fresh flowers used by Moonpig which – I was pleased to hear – are sourced from the UK where possible. Aren’t they beautiful?

moonpig collection flower selection

moonpig collection florist

moonpig collection my bouquet

Of course their florist made it look so easy, but I reckon my effort (above) wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, I had to rush off straight after the flower arranging to make the school run, missing the delicious food that was just starting to make its way around the room (sob), but left with a beautiful bouquet under my arm, and the biggest smile on my face.

• my lovely afternoon was courtesy of Moonpig. Thanks Moonpig!








  1. Oh my goodness, those flowers are stunning! All my favourite colours and I just adore tulips. I’m very jealous, it sounded like a great event. Hopped over to say hi from the weekend blog hop x

    • I was in HEAVEN Hannah! Was such a lovely afternoon. Loved your article about rear-facing seats BTW – have been thinking about it ever since; coming back to comment ASAP!! xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful flowers! Like Hannah, I am very jealous! I am glad you had a fantastic time!

    Laura x x x

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