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tendre deal

I love British fashion, it’s quirky and inventive and fun, but when it comes to quality, and elegance you can’t beat French style. Which is exactly why mum and businesswoman Alexandra de Faucigny set up her upmarket online member’s boutique, TENDRE DEAL.

The idea for the site first took hold after the birth of her oldest daughter, Chloe, 5. Previously a marketing manager, Alexandra found herself relishing every moment of her maternity leave and increasingly unwilling to return to her corporate life. Added to that was the fact she couldn’t get hold the iconic toys and children’s clothing she’d grown up with in France.

She spotted a gap in the market; an opportunity to introduce that quintessential ‘French touch’ to her family – and others in the UK – at affordable prices. That dream became a reality while Alexandra was on maternity leave for her youngest daughter Eva, now 3.

Membership is free; a simple online registration gives immediate access to the heavily discounted deals. Every week a different French brand is showcased: some labels are instantly recognisable, like Jacadi clothing, and the adorable stuffed toy range, Kaloo, while others are exciting new discoveries, like the whimsically romantic Paradis Blanc, and the Janod range of classic wooden toys (all items must get the nod of approval from Chloe and Eva before they go on sale!).

For Alexandra Tendre Deal is not trying to replace our home-grown toys, rather it is adding a dash of affordable French flair to British life. Sounds good, oui? 

• Alexandra is a client of Mothers & Shakers


  1. I signed up for the Tendre Deals a while back, although I haven’t bought anything yet I think the stuff selected is amazing. I am a total Francophile and love the site.

    • Isn’t it fab Dominique? I had my eye on some wooden food sets a while back, and now I’m waiting for them to come back on sale! xx

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