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My Sunday Photo Cliveden House

CLIVEDEN HOUSE is a favourite spot of mine and the girls; we’ve been four or five times now, and with each visit we discover something new and interesting.

This time it was an unassuming domed building we’d seen before, but had never really examined closely. We did a bit more exploring and discovered it was initially built in 1735 as a tearoom. Then, 158 years later, it was converted into the Octagon Temple – a tiny chapel filled with stained-glass windows that eventually became the final resting place for three generations of the famous Astor family.

We couldn’t see inside, as it’s only open a few days a week during the summer months, but apparently the interior walls and ceiling are covered with an intricate glass mosaic. From the outside you have a clear view down to the River Thames, and across the picturesque neighbouring countryside.

It’s just one of the myriad of fascinating features we found in Cliveden House, which really does have something to appeal to everyone. For the history fans, there is the home itself, first built in 1666 by the Duke of Buckingham, while nature lovers have acres of woodland, water gardens, and manicured lawns.

For children there are play trails, the Victorian hedge maze, and the delightful Storybook Play Den, complete with carved wooden models of favourite storybook characters, such as Peter Pan, and Old Brown from Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.

There’s even an Orangery cafe for when you need to take a break, with a hot cuppa and a slice of cake. I’m already planning our next visit!

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  1. We are going in April for the very first time, so read this with great interest! Bx

    • You’ll love it! If you time it just right you might catch the end of the Daffodils (just about to come out now) or the beginning of the Bluebells. Make sure you check out the view from the chapel though – breathtaking!!! xx

  2. That’s lovely & looks like such a lovely place x

    • I bet you’ve got some beautiful stately homes up your way too – those posh Scottish types loved a good hunting lodge, didn’t they?? 😉 xx

  3. Lovely photos and it sounds like a lovely place

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Sounds like a great place to visit 🙂

  5. Ooh this isn’t very far from us so we’ve been a few times, I absolutely adore it there!!! The maze scares me though, I don’t like it!!! x

    • Haha! I hate that blinkin’ maze too! OH made me go in it last time we were there, and I ended up getting really grumpy, because we couldn’t find our way out x

  6. Aaah I absolutely LOVE Cliveden! We went to a good friend’s wedding there and stayed overnight; you know you’re somewhere really special when they don’t have a mini bar in the room you’re staying in… they have crystal decanters filled with booze!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

    We used to live just down the road in Marlow — I miss it round there — we haven’t taken the boys but next time we’re visiting we’ll pop over for the afternoon! It looks amazing for kids! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — please pop our badge on your post, next time you link up! 🙂 x

    Caro |

    • Errrm, how AMAZING must that wedding have been?!? What a shame you’re not in the ‘hood anymore – we could have met up! xx

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day out with lots going on – the story den and carved characters sound like so much fun. Thanks for linking to #traveltales

  8. What a lovely picture, and a great place to visit. It really sounds like there’s something for everyone. Thanks for sharing with #MyFavouritePlace

    • It really is a fab Zena, I can highly recommend it! PS: I’ve added a link back to #MyFavouritePlace xx

  9. Thank you for linking up to #MyFavouritePlace linky. Looks like a great place x

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