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There are plenty of things I love about being 42. Career wise, I’m exactly where I want to be. I have more knowledge and confidence, and no longer feel that pressure to fit in.

All in all, I’m pretty happy in my own skin, I just wish that skin didn’t look quite so… saggy. Which is why I jumped at the chance to meet the team at TRANSFORM to talk over non-surgical treatments.

I arrived at their bright stylish New Cavendish Street office to be met by Patient Care Coordinator, Natalie Dryden. She was so friendly and welcoming, and made me feel instantly at ease. After offering me a drink, and giving me the patient forms to fill in, Natalie led me upstairs to meet Dr Aik-Me Ng (Dr Ame).

We spoke for at least 15 minutes beforehand, while Dr Ame asked exactly what my hopes and expectations were. I liked that she genuinely listened to me, offering suggestions and explaining how Botox could be used to achieve the results I was looking for.

I inherited many things from my Nana – bone-dry humour, fierce independence, and… a droopy right eyelid that’s getting more pronounced each year. ‘What we can do is inject some Botox here,’ Dr Ame said, tracing a line across the top of my forehead, which will subtly lift your brow and eyelids, and on the right hand side we’ll use a little bit more to even out your features.’

By the end of the consultation I felt completely at ease, and really excited about both the treatment, and the results it would bring. ‘Let’s go for it!’ I replied.

To be continued… 




  1. Ooh looking forward to seeing & hearing about the results x

  2. I was invited to take this opportunity too, but not so brave. Will be waiting for your results. Happy with my skin now, but who knows what i will be saying in a few years time. Good luck! by the way, next time I see you will be checking your right eye, so don’t think I am mad 😉

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