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Silent Sunday Reflection

Having two children under two years old was tough at times, really tough.

But now they’re four and six, and seeing them so close makes it all worth it. Sure, they fight sometimes — and sometimes they fight all the time — but it’s just normal sibling squabbles. The majority of the time they’re best buddies, and manage to have fun wherever they are.

Yesterday we went to the movies, then stopped for a bite to eat afterwards. As we were waiting for our tablet I heard the girls absolutely cracking up laughing; they were amusing themselves pulling faces into the shiny fruit bowl.


This is ‘My Sunday Photo’

my sunday photo graphic


  1. hehehe! Great photo! Such fun x

  2. Hehe, it’s great how little ones can find joy in the smallest of things.

    • I know – I love that about children; they remind you to chill out and smell the roses, don’t they? x

  3. Some one (or 2) are having fun with the bowl =P #msyundayphoto

    • It’s amazing how kids can find fun in anything, isn’t it? From the first moment when they ditch the toy to play with the cardboard box instead… x

  4. They sound just my my girls

    Thank you for linking up

    • It’s lovely to see siblings having fun together, isn’t it? Nice for Mum and Dad to know they’ll always have a friend in each other too! 🙂

  5. lol so cute. I was the same and love how close my boys are. Such cutie pies your girls x

  6. I love your girls, they are crazy. I wonder where they get that from? ‘;-) xx

  7. Great photo. They are looking very cheeky!

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