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I’ve always been slightly obsessed with wrapping presents. To me, the attention you put into dressing a parcel shows how much you care for the person you’re giving it to, so messy edges and sloppy taping are a no-no!

Yes, I’m one of those people who folds the paper over so it’s perfectly straight, and makes sure every edge is razor sharp. But I’ve always battled one wrapping nemesis… sticky tape. In the past I’ve always tried to make it easier by tearing off little bits of tape, sticking them along the side of the table, then peeling them off as I need them.

It definitely helped, but it was still a bit faff-y. And finding the end of the tape each time? Don’t. Get. Me. Started.

But it seems like the present wrapping Gods have been listening to my anguished cries, because they have sent down a saviour – the Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser.

At first glance it seems like a strange contraption, but I’m here to tell you this will change your (wrapping) life. Allow me to explain: it’s a little plastic holder with an elastic band that you wear in on your wrist, and inside is a pack of pre-cut strips of sticky tape. All you have to do to secure each new fold is pull out a strip, and stick it down. It’s so easy, it almost feels like you’re cheating!

Make light work of your Xmas pressie pile this year with a Pop-Up Handband (RRP: £2.59) and refill pack (RRP: £2.80). And don’t forget to visit the SCOTCH UK FACEBOOK PAGE for more info about their fab products, and what they have planned for Nationall Wrapping Day, on 14 December.

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