HAPPY HEALTHY HALLOWEEN // sugar-free spooky snacks

Halloween Organix Snacks #NoJunk Challenge

Halloween is looming, which means one thing – spooky treats!

‘Easy,’ I thought. ‘What does Halloween usually mean: sweets, toffee apples, popcorn, cupcakes piled thick with icing…’ Hmmmm… we were careful not to give the girls too much sugar, so I knew I needed to give this a rethink.

So I did some research and found some really fun, healthy Halloween snacks online. Finally, I decided on a platter of ghoulish goodies, starting wtih Pumpkin Satsumas with Cucumber Stalks, Banana Ghosts with Currant Eyes, and Rock Melon Bats.

But then I took the spooky ball and ran with it. What do you think of my Scaredy-Cat Sandwiches, Green Grape Eyeballs, Skull Cucumber Slices, and Vampire biccies? Not only are they pretty adorable (well, I think so at least), but they’re guilt-free too.

The ham sandwiches are cut out with a Halloween biscuit cutter, while a little currant in the centre of a green grape made an eerie eyeball. I carved the cucumber slices into teeny-weeny skulls, then used a black food colouring pen to turn regular ORGANIX biscuits (which are sweetened with grape juice) into Gingerbread Draculas!

Creepily cute AND completely natural.

I wasn’t sure how the girls would feel about their sugar-free spooky snacks, but they absolutely LOVED them. They gobbled up everything I made and even started fighting over some of them.

Our Organix No Junk Challenge was a huge success, and proof that Halloween doesn’t have to be sugar coated, to be frighteningly fun.

Find out more about the Organix No Junk Challenge. 

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