WRINKLES, BE GONE! (chemist direct)

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Does anyone think it’s SO UNFAIR how men look dashing with silver-flecked barnets and crinkly wrinkly eyes, whilst women just looked tired and old? Sure, we generally get to live a bit longer, but the catch is we have to do it with a raisin face. It’s one of nature’s cruellest jokes.

Since crossing over to the wrong side of 40 I’ve definitely tried to take better care of my skin. I’ve always been pretty good with cleansing and moisturising, but over the last two years it’s become clear that additional effort is now required.

Then CHEMIST DIRECT got in touch to ask if I wanted to try out their handy online pharmacy, and I noticed they had a range called Regener8 that’s supposed to encourage skin repair.


I was sent a two-month supply of their skin repair supplement, and the complementary day and night creams. According to the blurb, the capsules work from the inside out, replenishing and revitalising your skin with ingredients including collagen, aloe vera, vitamin A and zinc.

The day cream is packed with moisturing lovelies, such as camelina (a flowering plant) oil, pomegranate oil, almond oil and protolea – an ingredient that aids cellular renewal, and is particularly good for the eye area. The night cream has an ingredient called hydractin, which helps balance moisture levels and revitalise your skin by removing dead skin cells. Sounds pretty promising so far, right?

So I’ve been using the products for two months now, and I’m totally hooked on the face creams. The day cream is rich without being in the slightest bit greasy, and the night cream is luxuriously thick. Both have a fresh, citrusy scent, and I’ve never found a cream that absorbs so well, and so quickly; afterwards, my skin always felt really soft and hydrated (probably also due to the capsules, which I was taking simultaneously).

Best of all, they’re really reasonably priced – just £13.20 each from ChemistDirect.co.uk – so I’ll definitely be buying them again. I’ve still got a month’s supply of the supplements (£19.95 for 60) so will keep you posted on those results!


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