DESIGN YOUR OWN PIZZA (zizzi restaurant)


So here’s the irony – you spend half your time telling your children not to play with their food, then you hand them a pizza and tell them to do just that!

Fortunately, in this case it’s ZIZZI’S fun new children’s menu, where kids are given the option to design their own pizza or ice-cream dish.

Big Sis recently celebrated her sixth birthday, so we decided it was the perfect time to visit Zizzi’s. The staff were warm and welcoming, and the girls loved getting their little activity kits, complete with chef’s hat, stickers and Craylola Twistables. It was the perfect way to keep them occupied while the food was being prepared.

The traditionally oven-baked pizzas arrived – a plain Margherita ready to be dressed up with ham strips, tomato halves, ad black olives. ‘Go on,’ we told the girls. ‘Make yourself a pizza picture!’ They looked us suspiciously, hands hovering over the topping pots, then slowly began to create their culinary designs, giggling as they went.

‘Look Mum,’ Big Sis announced proudly. ‘I’ve made a face!’ ‘And I’m making a flower Mama!’ Lil Sis chirped cheerfully. Then, the best part of all, they got to eat it their tasty creations.

The new Zizzi Bambini menu consists of three yummy courses – carrot, cucumber and dough sticks, followed by mini pasta or pizza, ice-cream AND an chocachino. Super tasty, just £6.75, and no dishes for Mummy or Daddy to clean up afterwards… sounds like a winner to me!



• we received our fun Zizzi meal for the purpose of review

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  1. We love going to Zizzi, and had no idea there is this option, will check it out soon. Love the looks on girls’ faces, so creative!

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