QUICK & SIMPLE // mango and passionfruit jam recipe

mango and passionfruit jam

Check out my homemade mango and passionfruit jam. Looks good, doesn’t it? 

I say this more with incredulity than arrogance, since I’m not a natural-born baking type. And yet I found myself strangely drawn to the jam-making challenge recently thrown down by Persil PR team…

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older that jam making is starting to sound less like a punishment and more like a kinda cute way to spend a day. Whatever the reason, here I was – standing over a hot stove, stirring my bubbling jam.

We were sent some receipe ideas from Persil (courtesy of Kimberley Wilson from Great British Bake Off), but I decided to go off piste and go with my own fruity concoction: I LOVE mangoes and ADORE passionfruit, so the choice was obvious.

I always thought jam making was a complicated process, but it was so easy!

• I removed the juicy flesh from three big mangoes and sprinkled them with 250g of jam sugar (which I didn’t even know was a thing!).

• next, I spooned the mixture into a pan on a low heat.

• once the sugar had dissolved, I emptied in the pulp from five passionfruit.

• I turned the heat up and boiled the mixture for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

• once the mixture had thickened I tipped it into my jars, and left the jam to cool.

That was it – so easy! And, without boasting, it tasted good. Really REALLY good.

Afterwards, I chucked all the mucky aprons in the wash with some Persil (obviously) then sat down to enjoy hot crumpets, slathered with mango and passionfruit jam, of course.

Watch your back Bonne Maman; I’m coming for you…

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mango and passionfruit jam


  1. That crumpet looks amazing! You are totally trying to step on the toes of us food bloggers now aren’t you!

    I’m off to get crumpets now. Sadly my jam isn’t as good looking as yours!

    • If you’re REALLY lucky I might give you some pointers one day… *laughs uproariously at the thought of giving YOU some food pointers!!* 😉 xx

  2. Looks amazing and sounds tasty! #tastytuesdays

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